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Role of Omnichannel Contact Center Software in the Healthcare Industry

  • April 18, 2023

The healthcare industry is heavily investing in technology to uplift the standards of patient care. The industry has been tech-savvy for ages, but the emergence of never seen before viruses and diseases has pushed the borders and resistance to invest in technology. Virtual healthcare has become a real thing due to COVID 19, which made it difficult to move out of the house. There are several other contributors due to which the global healthcare industry is investing in technology and adopting technology that can improve the patient experience. Omni channel contact center software for the healthcare industry is one of the major technology tools that global healthcare facilities have been actively adopting. 

This has increased the curiosity and interest of several healthcare facilities to know more about this kind of solution. To help these organizations function in the healthcare industry, we have shared the role of an omni channel call center solution for the healthcare industry.  

What is an omnichannel contact center solution for the healthcare industry? 

An omnichannel call center solution is a call center software that supports all dialer features. Moreover, it also provides access to unified communication channels, which include the following modes of communication: 

  • Voice calls 
  • Video calls 
  • Instant messaging (Chat) 
  • SMS
  • Email 
  • WhatsApp 
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter) 
  • And more 

A call center solution that is developed with customized features to accommodate different jobs of healthcare organizations is a healthcare omni channel call center solution. 

Role of an omnichannel call center solution for the healthcare industry 

The omnichannel contact center software for the healthcare industry has multiple roles to play, but overall, it affects each aspect of patient care in a healthcare facility. Let’s explore the areas in which this software improves the healthcare industry. 

Answer common questions 

Similar to several other industries, even in the healthcare industry, patients or family members of patients would have some questions such as a profile of doctors, appointment slot availability, medical consultation charges, the status of the report of already conducted health tests, availability of pharmacies, and any other common questions like that. The call center software exclusively developed for healthcare facilities will automate this function of answering common questions. This not only saves time of staff, but it also helps in improving the experience of patients and their family members by instantly providing the answers.

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Attend incoming calls from patients 

In a general scenario, there would be a single telephone line using which the hospital staff would respond to patient calls. In this case, other patients and their family members often keep getting a busy tone and cannot connect with the hospital staff to get the resolution. It is also possible that a hospital misses out on these patients because they do not receive any notification of these calls. 

Improve the Patient Experience Using Omni Channel Contact Center Software for the Healthcare

On the other hand, the healthcare omni channel call center solution will have some fascinating features that make it more effective to attend incoming calls from patients and their family members. Here are some of the major features explained that enhance the process of attending to incoming patients’ calls: 

  • It will welcome all patients that connect to a healthcare facility by making an incoming call. 
  • It will put them in a call queue and play engaging music on hold while the patient is waiting to connect with a healthcare representative. 
  • If a patient or his/ her family members hung up the call, then also the call center software for the healthcare industry with omnichannel communication support will log the call details of the patient such as phone numbers, time of call, duration of staying in a call queue, etc. If the patient had called in the paimprovest, the system will show the name and other details of the patient as well. This information can be used by healthcare representatives to call back the patient and provide the required assistance. 

Provide telehealth services 

Telehealth is the concept of offering healthcare services to patients over the phone in distant areas or in the cases of emergencies. This is very beneficial to provide first aid assistance and other forms of medical assistance when patients cannot visit a hospital. The call center software for the healthcare industry with omnichannel communication support enables a hospital or clinic to provide remote or virtual healthcare services. This can help in saving more lives. 

Attend pharmacy inquiries 

The healthcare industry includes pharmacies as well and by using an omnichannel contact center solution for the healthcare industry, patients can ask for the required pharmacies or even inquire about the medicines that were previously unavailable. As it is an omnichannel solution, the patients can use any mode of communication for this such as sending a WhatsApp with a prescription from a doctor to request pharmacies from the authorized pharmacy owners or a pharmacy store of the hospital. 

Nurture patient relationship 

An omni channel call center solution that is exclusively developed for the healthcare industry can be used to nurture the patient relationship and leverage several advantages associated with the strengthening relationship with patients. 

Healthcare representatives can call customers to remind them about upcoming healthcare appointments to reduce the no show ratio. It can also be used to keep a check on patient health to make them feel valued. There are several utilities of nurturing patient relationships. 

Concluding notes 

A call center solution is a general purpose software platform that can benefit any industry vertical. An omnichannel solution adds more value to this software because it lets customers or consumers connect with providers via their favorite mode of communication. 

The healthcare industry is one of the industry verticals that can gain advantages by using an omni channel call center solution. They can effectively handle incoming and missed calls of patients, provide remote healthcare services, enhance relationships with patients, and leverage several other advantages. Any healthcare facility, from a small dental clinic to a multispecialty hospital can use this software. 

We provide different call center solutions built to meet industry specific needs. For the healthcare industry as well, we have developed a feature rich solution. If you are interested in exploring more about the best omni channel contact center software for the healthcare industry, then contact us NOW! 

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