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Major Features Availed with Call Center CRM Integration

  • April 13, 2023

Contact center solutions are empowered by development companies with custom features and modules. Not only this, but these companies also provide custom integrations with the contact center software. Nowadays, you can easily find highly flexible call center solutions that support the integration of ERPs, CRMs, IP PBX solutions, and multiple other types of software solutions. Even communication channels like fax, email, SMS, WhatsApp, etc. can also be integrated with this software to build a comprehensive contact center solution for businesses. One of the most popular integrations that have been commonly used by users of call center software is call center CRM integration. 

What is CRM call center integration? 

A CRM system is commonly used in businesses to manage customer related data. Businesses that use a contact center solution often use a CRM system to manage customer data while the former software is used to manage customer data to use as a context to provide personalized services and responses. 

Developers integrate CRM and contact center solutions to provide integrated and comprehensive customer care software. The main function of this integrated solution is to provide some features of one solution into another system. Moreover, this integrated solution will have some added features to offer to benefit businesses with a personalized solution. 

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What are the major features of call center CRM integration? 

Integration of a CRM system and a call center software solution provides a comprehensive system along with several useful features. Let’s explore the major features that a CRM integrated call center solution must have to benefit a call center using this integrated solution. 

CRM Integrated Call Center Solution

Single sign-on 

One of the most vital features availed of is access to major features of both systems within a single solution. It means you can get access to major features of a CRM system within a call center solution after integration. That indicates that instead of login into both CRM and call center solutions, you can simply log in to the call center dialer software and get access to features of both solutions. 

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Data synchronization 

This feature contributes toward high productivity by ensuring your agents don’t need to keep a copy of the same data in both systems. It automatically updates the customer record in the CRM system if the agent makes any change in the customer record during a live call conducted through a contact center software solution. The CRM integrated call center solution also has an import feature to import all changes made in the CRM system, i.e., if agents have uploaded some new customer records in the CRM system, then that can be imported to the dialer with a single click. 

Click to call 

The company does not need to invest in click to call software anymore because CRM call center integration will provide this feature within the CRM system. Agents can make an outbound call from the CRM system without any need to move to the call center dialer software. Once the call is connected, the agent would also get a widget of the dialer, so they can use CTI features like call mute and un-mute, call hold and retrieve, hang up call, add disposition, etc. 

CRM popup 

The integrated solution also provides a CRM popup in the contact center software. This popup will show information about a customer within the dialer. This information will be fetched from the CRM software. An agent can use this information as a context to provide more personalized responses to clients. Agents can also make changes to the customer record through this popup. If there is no record store of the customer in the customer relationship management software, then the CRM popup will show an empty record and the agent can create a new record. The changes made in the popup, whether it is creating a new record or editing an existing record will reflect in the CRM system. This reduces the redundant work of editing data in both systems. 

Data change logs 

The integration not only provides data sync and import features, but it also provides the change logs along with call detail reports. That means, the system will show who made what changes in which record at what time. Isn’t this providing good enough information about the applied changes? This helps in keeping 

Concluding notes 

Making advancements in call center solutions is not new. There are several progressions made in this technology to provide truly complete customer care software to businesses. Integration of a CRM system with this software has been in existence for many years and there are several advantages of this integration if it has all the right features. We have covered all major and must have features that are offered by the integrated system. If you are investing in this form of call center integration service, then you must ensure that your software has all these necessary features. 

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