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Must Have Features in a Multi Tenant Call Center

  • July 6, 2023

Modern businesses offer numerous ways to get support and stay impressed by their providers. To provide local support, businesses also set up a multi tenant call center. To provide an irreplaceable and delightful customer experience, businesses use one of the best multi tenant call center solutions. When it comes to software for call centers, there are several options available. However, it is necessary to choose the right software, so you can impress your clients. 

To help you choose the best solution for your different branches, we have jotted down a list of must have features. Multi tenancy is definitely a must have component without a doubt to set up your centralized customer care center. The main account will help in managing tenant or branch accounts. 

Key features that your multi tenant call center software must have

Top 10 Key Features of Multi Tenanat Call Center Software

1. Smart IVR 

Simple auto attendant systems are outdated and generally provided by software providers. What you need to look for is a smart IVR software solution integrated into the contact center software. It is necessary to create dynamic IVR menus. It must have drag and drop functionalities, so you can modify your IVR menus based on your requirements.

2. Auto Dialer

Outbound campaigns are necessary for all business types. Even if you don’t want to generate cold or warm leads, you will need to run outgoing campaigns at a certain point. Auto dialers will help in saving time and other resources. Moreover, it can make outbound campaigns more productive. Thus, it is necessary to have multiple auto dialing systems in your software for call centers. Predictive dialer, power dialer, auto dialer, etc. are some of the must have auto dialers in your software.

3. Automatic Call Distributors (ACDs)

These are different call routing strategies, which your multi tenant call center software should have to provide more effective options to connect customers with the right agents. This helps in increasing customer satisfaction by increasing the first call resolution (FCR) rate. Skill based routing, sticky agent, etc. are some of the must have call routing rules in the software.

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4. Live dashboards

It is necessary to have live statistics. As you have set up a multi tenant call center, your real time statistics must show you all the necessary data for all branch accounts aka tenants. This gives real time monitoring capabilities, which is necessary to gain the required insight into what is happening and how to control them to keep the values of KPIs high.

5. CTI features

In any call center, it is necessary to have CTI features such as call mute and un-mute, call hold and retrieve, call transfer, call forwarding, etc. All these features help agents to control calls and provide the required information to clients.

6. Monitoring features

In general, call centers hire skilled agents, but still, it is necessary to monitor calls and the performance of agents and campaigns. By monitoring performance and providing live coaching to agents, you can persistently improve outcomes. Some commonly available monitoring features are a whisper, barge-in, and 3-way conference calling. Call recording is also an important call monitoring feature that helps in consciously maintaining Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Call (QoC).

7. Custom Music on Hold (MoH)

This feature might appear not so important to many call centers, but it is very necessary for multi tenant setup or even in the ordinary call center. It is a common practice to put customer calls on hold while agents are looking for the required information. Listening to the irritating tune of a call put on hold can increase frustration in customers. Thus, it is necessary to use custom MoH. A soothing music or a promotional voice clip, anything can work to keep your clients engaged while agents are retrieving information.

8. Disposition bucket

After call administrative work is a real thing to handle for agents. They have to add a brief summary of the call and also put some more relevant information. A disposition bucket is a set of common wrap-up messages put in different buckets. This is an advanced feature and not available commonly in all multi tenant call center solutions. Thus, it is necessary to check and get this feature because it helps in reducing after call work of agents, so they can focus on handling more calls.

9. Advanced functionalities

Depending on your industry and campaigns, you will need some advanced functionalities in your contact center software. For example, CRM integration is necessary if you are interested in offering personalized customer care. Getting an omnichannel software solution is also crucial in the modern era to deliver the required customer care. If you can invest in technology, these are must have functionalities.

10. Analytics and reports

Reports are considered the bread and butter of the businesses because it showcases performance indicators. It helps in actually tracking how different aspects are moving around to meet predefined goals. In a multi tenant setup, reports will be provided to individual branches and the main administrative business as well. It is necessary to get all necessary KPIs tracked in the system. 

Concluding notes

Using a feature rich solution along with multi tenancy support is necessary to meet business goals in a competitive industry. Gone are the days when one of the auto attendants and auto dialing systems was enough to handle customer calls and sales calls. However, customer demands increase and competition is vicious. This demands more powerful platforms to handle business communication. In addition to that, businesses are expanding across borders, which need a system that can administer communication across branches.

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