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How Does a Voice Broadcasting Solution Enhance Banking Operations?

  • December 1, 2022

In the modern era, using the right means of communication to reach, connect, and engage with clients has become a necessity. Even customer-centric operations have become a necessity to improve ROI models by retaining customers and associated benefits have become vital. There are multiple communication tools available to enhance customer engagement in any industry. In this blog post, we will talk about a voice broadcasting solution for banks and how it really enhances banking operations and benefits the banking sector.

To understand this insightful subject in detail, we will cover the following points in this blog post: 

  1. What is voice broadcasting?
  2. What is a voice broadcasting system?
  3. What is voice broadcasting software for banks?
  4. How does a call broadcasting solution enhance banking operations?
  5. Concluding notes

So let’s begin this interesting topic and explore all the details.

1.  What is voice broadcasting?

It is an approach to sending a predefined and prerecorded voice message to a wide audience. Here the audience can be clients, prospects, employees, etc. The message can be anything short such as an announcement, an offer, an upcoming change, etc.

2.  What is a voice broadcasting system?

voice broadcasting system

A tool that enables organizations or businesses to send a prerecorded message to a wide audience is called a voice broadcast solution. This tool will ring the phone of all the selected people in a group to whole the recorded voice message that needs to be reached. As soon as the person attends the call, the system plays the message. After playing the complete message, the system hangs up the call. The details of each call whether it was attended or not, whether the whole message could be played or the customer hung up beforehand, etc. get logged into the software.

As this system sends messages as a call, it is also called call broadcasting software. The modern solutions also have advanced features such as collecting the response of customers using a dial pad and logging it into the system with a DTMF response. It can also make multiple attempts to reach a client if it fails in the first one or two attempts. It can manage DNC (Do Not Call) numbers.

3.  What is voice broadcasting software for banks?

The call broadcasting system for banks is a customized solution with exclusive features built to benefit banking staff and augment banking operations. It may have more simplified labels and UI elements as most banking staff are non-technical and they need to use this software efficiently. It can also have predefined templates stored in the software related to banking to speed up the processes.

4.  How does a call broadcasting solution enhance banking operations?

A voice broadcast solution can benefit banks in multiple ways and optimize several operations. Let’s explore the top ways this system can enhance banking operations.

  • It engages banking clients for retention

Banking is one of the industries that face cutthroat competition due to privatization and other allurements. Moreover, legal and other restrictions along with reducing profit margins create pressure on banks to retain clients and keep getting more. A voice broadcasting solution for banks makes it easier by encouraging engagement campaigns without occupying many resources. Pre-recorded voice messages can be sent to banking customers to keep clients connected with banks and happy with services.

  • It keeps customers well informed about different banking events

In banks, long holidays, downtime for mobile banking or net banking due to system upgrades, changes in schedules, changes in home loan interest rates, and similar events occur pretty often. Usually, banks send SMS using an SMS broadcasting solution or email with an email broadcasting system. However, these messages often get missed by clients. A voice message ensures that the customer has received and listened to the message. This only keeps customers informed about changes, but it also helps in avoiding disputes with clients.

  • It promotes different banking products

To increase revenue, banks also introduce different banking products, offers, etc. The call broadcasting software can be used by banks to disseminate these messages to reach wider audiences without investing manual agents in this. Manpower can be used to explain more details once customers show interest in taking the offer. As you know, the system can also collect feedback from clients on whether they would be interested in knowing more or not.

  • It makes sending banking reminders easy and cost-effective

icallify easy and cost effective

Banks also need to send reminders related to payment for credit card bills, EMI of loans, submitting documents for KYC, etc. All these messages can be sent effectively using the call broadcasting system for banks. It will help in enhancing the results and collection at lower expenses unlike sending a collection agent to the doorstep or putting agents for collection. Of course, for defaulters and debtors, other options may need to be pursued.

  • It keeps banking staff productive

More than 80% of the process of sending a voice message to banking clients is automated. Even a bank can schedule the call broadcasting campaign during odd hours if required in any case without disturbing the banking team. The staff of the bank only gets involved when a customer wants more details or needs a detailed explanation of anything. The voice broadcasting software for banks keeps staff free from common messages, reminders, etc., and getting involved in monotonous conversations. This saves them a lot of time to use in vital time to optimize only processes, but also stay motivated to work more productively.

5.  Concluding notes

In a nutshell, the banking sector has a huge scope for operational optimization by using this broadcasting solution. A majority of banks already use an SMS broadcasting solution and email broadcasting system to stay connected with clients. However, both of these broadcasting options are not as engaging and effective as a voice broadcasting campaign. Thus, using a call broadcasting system for banks can help the banking sector enhance its processes and improve operations.

We offer the best voice broadcasting solution for banks that has enhanced and optimized banking operations and helps them leverage several advantages. Your bank can be the next empowered bank using this effective communication tool. Let us explain how in more detail.

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