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Top Digital Engagement Solutions and Their Role in Customer Experience

  • November 28, 2022

More engaged clients will remain with your business and proven to be more loyal with the right customer services. On the other hand, if you lose a string on the customer engagement game, you are likely to lose your clients to your competitors. Thus, it is inevitable to miss out on digital engagement channels and digital engagement solutions.

There are multiple unified communication solutions available in the market, but it is not necessary to use them if your business does not need them. You can simply settle with the fundamental communication channels along with digital engagement channels. Usually, businesses use a call center solution to engage with clients and provide them with the required customer care services. The digital engagement platforms can be integrated with this software for call centers.

Customers use these platforms heavily to share their opinion. They also create groups, lists, trends, and more on the platforms. All this makes it necessary for businesses to be part of these digital platforms. Integrating these platforms within the software can help in reducing the struggle agents need to have in managing multiple platforms. The unified communication solution providers offer a comprehensive platform that has these communication channels. However, if your software does not have it, you can still get it integrated from the software provider that offers this integration service.

As stated henceforth, there are multiple digital engagement channels available in the market. You may need all of them or may not need all of them. Depending on your budget, audience type, and other driving factors, you can choose the digital channels to be included in your customer engagement solution. It is necessary to identify the vitality of communication channels and include them as per your business models. In this blog post, we will cover the top channels and their role in enhancing customer experience to help you choose the right solutions.

1. Facebook

It is one of the most popular digital channels and it has been dominating this landscape for years. There are billions of users on Facebook that exchange ideas, thoughts, concerns, opinions, and more. For businesses what matters is the way people share their opinions and reviews about the products, services, customer care department, and other aspects. All these can directly hit the brand reputation and make this job dramatic if the right efforts are not put into this platform. In fact, some customers don’t even care to see whether you have an official Facebook page or not. They simply create communities and groups to share concerns, plus, invite your other customers to share their concerns.

To keep these clients engaged and to save your efforts and money on negative brand reputation management, you need Facebook as one of the channels for your call center solution. If you don’t have it already, you can also get call center social media integration to integrate this best digital engagement channel within the software for customer care management.


2. Twitter

Getting trolled on Twitter is quite common these days. Despite your efforts in customer care using the best call center software, if Twitter is not part of your digital engagement strategy, then you are losing out on an important sight and channel. Similar to Facebook, Twitter is also quite popular among consumers. They use hashtags and trends to defame brands if they don’t live up to their expectations. Thus, it is necessary to use Twitter as one of the vital channels in your digital engagement strategy.

Customers expect a response from the brand within an hour or two as part of the customer care game. Thus, it is necessary for businesses to use Twitter as one of the top digital engagement solutions. The top call center software providers also offer call center social media integration to integrate Twitter into your software for call centers. This will eliminate the need for integrating this platform within your software as now you can enjoy all customer engagement features of Twitter within your system.


3. WhatsApp

Instant messaging has been one of the common customer engagement channels in businesses for decades. WhatsApp has transformed the way instant messaging is used to engage clients. It has simplified and enriched the way to engage customers in a chat-based conversation. Also, it is a digital product. Thus, WhatsApp is considered one of the top channels for businesses that want to implement digital engagement channels into their customer care game.

WhatsApp has a vital role to play in augmenting customer experience because along with chat, it has several other features that build more emotional and personalized conversations. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, WhatsApp conversations are always private. This makes it a more beneficial platform for communication as it does not affect the reputation management of the business. However, it can help in enhancing the customer experience for sure. This is the reason this platform is preferred by businesses over other engagement platforms if they need to use only one platform for certain reasons.

The call center software providers also provide call center WhatsApp integration services to integrate WhatsApp into the best call center software. This allows call centers to use their existing contact center software to have WhatsApp conversations and even keep logs of all conversations.



In conclusion, the role of each digital engagement solution is vital. Even if your business does not need to use one of the best unified communication solutions, you must include digital platforms in your call center software and customer care plan to engage clients. This will help you excel in your customer service campaigns and win the loyalty of customers.

We have been delivering unified communication platforms and the top digital engagement solutions. We also partner with our clients to help them integrate digitization and digital customer engagement strategy with our experience in this industry. Along with offering a wholesome solution, we also provide integration services such as call center social media and call center WhatsApp integration to integrate the top digital engagement platforms within your contact center software.

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