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How Does Click to Call Mechanism Get Implemented in a Call Center?

  • November 25, 2022

Call centers use different tools and mechanisms to achieve different goals and objectives. A call center solution itself has multiple integrated communication solutions and features that represent standalone solutions. The click to call software is one of the solutions made available to the users and available as a standalone solution. This software has multiple utilities and it gets implemented in multiple ways into a call center.

What is click to call?

It is one of the most useful telephony features. With a single click, it initiates a call to the predefined number and connects the agent with the customer or prospective customer. It does not need manual dialing of the number. Moreover, it doesn’t need any added telephony solution like a mobile SIP dialer. As the name suggests, it calls a number with a click, it is called click to call or click2call. It also dials the number with a single click, which is why it is also known as click to dial.

How does it get implemented in a call center?

A majority of call center solutions use the mechanism of an auto dialing system to run outbound calling campaigns. Thus, agents hardly need a click to call software solution to make outbound calls. However, it is an important feature and it has some use cases, too. Thus, it is made available in each call center solution with modern features.

Click to call in the preview dialer

Click to call solutions have subtle use in different applications, which is why they are used less commonly or subconsciously. One of the major utilities of this software is implemented in a preview dialer.

The preview dialing mechanism does not automatically dial the number. It first shows the preview of the customer to the agent and once the agent clicks on connect, and then only it initiates the call. This is click to dial functionality implemented into the call center software.

Click to dial in the CRM system 

Many call centers use a CRM system along with the call center software. Some companies that offer contact center solutions also provide added services. CRM integrated call center solution is one of the solutions offered by these providers. Here, the call center and CRM solutions get integrated with each other and the CRM system will get a click2call button. It will work as one of the integrated solutions.

Agents can review the CRM entries and if required, agents can click on the customer record or predefined button to click and generate a call. This is also an example of click to call functionality integrated into a call center.


Usually, call centers prefer using an auto dialing system, but it is not useful in all cases. One may need to make a manual selection of the lead to be contacted. The click to dial system lets this happen without increasing manual efforts.

We offer a click to call software solution along with other contact center solutions. Let us help you understand this solution and its use cases in regard to your business.

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