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Voice Broadcasting vs. SMS Broadcasting

  • October 19, 2022

Broadcasting is one of the major applications of VoIP communication. It simplifies the lives of many companies and organizations by running large campaigns with huge audiences at a minimized cost. This is the reason broadcasting solutions like a voice broadcasting solution and SMS broadcasting software are gaining so much popularity. Social media broadcasting systems are also emerging due to the increasing use of social networking platforms, but there are several restrictions associated with using these systems. Thus, two effective broadcasting mediums are still voice and SMS.

Usually, both of these broadcasting methods are used interchangeably and make no huge difference, but still, there are several differences between both. In fact, in some campaigns, you can use both and in some campaigns, either of these two can be more effective. Thus, it is necessary to understand both a voice broadcast system and SMS broadcasting software.

What is voice broadcasting?

The solution used to run this type of campaign is also known as a call broadcasting solution because it gives an inbound call to the selected audience and once attended, the system will play a prerecorded message. A voice broadcasting solution can also fetch feedback or response from the audience.

What is SMS broadcasting?

This system will send a predefined text message to the selected audience. The selected audiences will receive an SMS notification and SMS. They can also send feedback and responses.

Both SMS and voice broadcasting broadcast a predefined message to the selected audience and don’t involve agents or other staff members to convey the message. Moreover, they generate reports, which makes them preferable to several businesses.

Which one is better?

Now, as you understand the difference between both, let’s delve deeper to know which one is better and why.

Voice broadcasting vs. SMS broadcasting

When the message is short and may not need the immediate attention of customers, then SMS broadcasting software can work really well. On the other hand, if you need the immediate attention of your clients, then you need to use a call broadcasting solution. You might ignore an SMS in the pile of several other text messages, but ignoring a phone call is quite difficult.

Another use case to consider is country. In countries like India, SMS often gets ignored by users. Thus, investing in a voice broadcast system is more profitable than using its counterpart. However, in countries like the USA, more than 75% of people read text messages within the first 3 minutes of receipt and in this case, investment in an SMS broadcasting solution can increase returns.


In conclusion, there is no ideal answer to choosing the right broadcasting system as there are so many factors affecting the selection of the suitable broadcasting mechanism. Depending on the audience, type of message, the interaction you need, target country, etc., you can choose SMS or call broadcasting.

If you are willing to invest in technology, you can acquire both solutions to run your business more efficiently and reap better returns.

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