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Must Implement Best Practices for Inbound Call Center

  • October 22, 2022

Managing an inbound call center may sound like a straightforward job, but there are multiple moving parts. This would make managing inbound calls and operations related to that complicated. The inbound contact center solution can help in implementing the best practices and implementing swift policies.

Even if you have one of the best inbound call center solutions, it is necessary to have well defined best practices to focus on.

1. Define major goals

In general, an inbound call center would handle customer care calls, but not all inbound businesses handle this goal. Some inbound businesses also manage inbound sales inquiries and lead conversion goals. Based on the type of calls businesses handle, companies need to define the goals to put best practices from. Some of the common goals that businesses have to focus on are as below:

  1. Customer satisfaction (CSAT)
  2. Customer effort score (CES)
  3. Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Defining the right goals also helps in defining reports that you need to generate in the inbound call center software.

2. Define best practices in a documented form

Once the goals are defined, the next step is to define policies and procedures to achieve those goals. For example, making training mandatory can help in augmenting the knowledge of agents, so they can give more satisfactory responses and reduce the average call transfer rate. If CSAT needs to be increased, agents may either need to focus on average talk time or first call resolution. Both may need different best practices to follow. So it is necessary to define what a mandatory rule to follow for agents is. All best practices need to be defined and documented.

3. Involve agents in the process

Give an accessible copy of documented best practices to agents, so they can follow them. Even you may have some standards to follow to use your inbound contact center solution for agents. You need to engage agents in the process. They need to be trained. They must have the required access to software, best practices documents, etc. If required, you may also need to give coaching and live training to agents.

4. Automate as much as possible

The inbound call center solutions are empowered with several features that can automate workflows, answer common queries, and more. With the right process optimization, you can add automation rules. However, be mindful while implementing these rules to ensure your processes are optimized without irritating customers.

5. Continuous monitoring and fine tuning

To ensure the policies are implemented correctly, agents are working productively, and the implementation of human and inbound call center software is done efficaciously, supervisors must monitor the performance of different goals and KPIs. Depending on the performance, the businesses can fine tune procedures, policies, and use of the software.


In conclusion, inbound call centers can boost performance with the right procedure and policy implementation. That is possible with the best practices followed by the call centers.

We offer the best inbound contact center solution that can help you optimize your processes and implement the best practices.

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