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Top Reasons to Invest in Call Center WhatsApp Integration

  • June 8, 2023

WhatsApp has emerged as one of the most flexible and convenient modes of communication. It supports rich communication and has several other facets that make it one of the most interactive communication channels in the industry. The popularity of WhatsApp business is also very high, which makes it an unavoidable communication channel for call centers. Already many call centers have invested in call center WhatsApp integration to gain advantages from the powerful communication channel WhatsApp in the business. 

If you are using one of the call center solutions and have yet not started using WhatsApp, then here are the top reasons to use this communication channel.

Top 6 Reasons to Invest in Call Center WhatsApp Integration

Top 6 Reasons to Invest in Call Center WhatsApp Integration

To Integrate the Most Popular Communication Channel

Billions of users are actively using WhatsApp for personal and professional interactions. If we go with statistics, 2 to 3 billion users are using WhatsApp on a daily basis. Over 60% of your customers use WhatsApp. Ignoring this vital channel leaves you behind in customer care. To capture your clients and deliver them customer care services across their favorite communication channels, it is necessary to integrate WhatsApp with a call center solution.

It Touches All Aspects Of a CustomerJourney

WhatsApp is one of the most amazing and engaging communication channels. In a customer journey, it can be used to touch different stages from prospecting to sales and customer care. It can make it not only easier to reach out to customers but also in receiving better responses. According to different survey results, WhatsApp gets a faster open rate than emails. Moreover, you also receive a read receipt for each of the messages you send to your customers. This helps in refining strategies and future messages. Thus, call centers or businesses investing in the best tools like a call center solution for customer engagement must use WhatsApp in their business.

Increase Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Rate

CSAT is one of the most vital KPIs measured in different call centers because it defines customer loyalty and retention rate. In the competitive world, it is quite difficult to convert more leads and onboard new customers. Moreover, the cost of acquiring a new client is higher than retaining an existing client. In this case, all businesses focus on investing in retaining clients. Investment in call center WhatsApp integration is necessary to increase customer care. Implementing WhatsApp in the communication strategy not only helps in delivering quicker customer services but also helps in staying in touch with clients. From festival greetings to occasional messages can be sent over WhatsApp to nurture the relationship with customers.

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Simplify Managing WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a separate communication channel and it is difficult to manage it along with using a call center solution. Integrating WhatsApp with the contact center software provides access to WhatsApp and all its features within the software for call centers. This makes it quite easy to manage all communication channels within the software and your agents will not need to switch back and forth between WhatsApp and dialer. 

Assured Fair Usage of Resources

One more advantage of integrating WhatsApp with a call center solution is ensuring WhatsApp and other call center resources are used for productive tasks only. When WhatsApp gets integrated with the dialer, agents will be conscious that all messages are logged and can be screened for quality and productivity checks. This helps ensure that agents use these communication channels wisely and professionally.

Save Time and Enhance Quality

In a call center, some conversations need to be fast and agents have to be responsive. However, with just a single communication channel, this becomes difficult. WhatsApp is less formal than email and voice channels and more formal than social media channels. Moreover, companies that offer integration of WhatsApp with contact center software also provide added features such as WhatsApp templates for call centers. These templates can let call centers save frequently used messages to save time for agents from typing the same message multiple times. Moreover, it helps in delivering a universal experience. 

Additionally, WhatsApp lets call center agents attend multiple customer WhatsApp chats in parallel. This will save further time for agents. Some companies offer WhatsApp bots, broadcasting, and similar features to enhance efficiency and elevate customer service.

Concluding Notes

Whether a business considers using omnichannel software for call centers or not, WhatsApp is a viable communication channel and must be part of your customer care strategy. To use the full potential of this software, it is worth investing in the integration of WhatsApp with your software. This will make WhatsApp business an integrated part of your software. 

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