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Best Practices to Run a Seamless Business with Multi Tenant Call Center Software

  • June 10, 2023

There is no doubt that the number of call centers has increased in the past few years because customer experience is the driving factor in the modern business model. In highly competitive industries, losing out clients to competitors can be a huge setback and there are some disastrous consequences. Thus, 7 out of 10 businesses are focusing on improving their customer care efforts. Not everyone is interested in buying a call center solution, which increases revenue generating opportunities for business owners that offer hosted solutions and rented services using the best multi tenant call center software systems. 

Unlike traditional times, when a call center used to provide only call center services, now call centers can provide several other services based on different models coming across such as PaaS (Product as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service), and UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service). The options to make money using your multi tenant call center solution is endless, but you need to follow the best practices. 

Top 7 Practices to Capture More Revenue Generating Opportunities with Multi-Tenant Call Center Software

1. Invest in The Best Software

We don’t need to coach you with common business practices because you must be well aware of them as a business owner or an entrepreneur. As the whole blog post is about using your multi tenant contact center software to run a seamless business, the first thing to focus on is definitely your software. 

You must have the best software in the industry, which is highly robust, reliable, scalable, and secure. If these traits are missing in your system, then you are lacking at the fundamental level of your business.

Open source solutions may seem more appealing since they are less expensive, but they do not support multi-tenancy call center software. This will increase management issues if you use an open source system.

Multi-tenancy must be an integrated element in your software, as this makes tenant management easier by utilizing the program’s built-in functionality.

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2. Invest in Integrations

The whole revenue model of a provider in the stated business relies upon the software. Thus, it is necessary to have a solution that is comprehensive. It provides better and more advanced opportunities for building more diversified rate cards. The investment might be one time or may need recurring API costs, but it would be negligible compared to the revenue you can make with these integrations. Some of the most common integrations with contact center software are CRM systems, different communication channels, business phone systems, and more. If you don’t want to integrate different solutions in your multi tenant call center solutions software, you can also provide value added service of integration to increase revenue generation.

3. Integrate Call Center Billing Solution Into a Multi Tenant Solution

One more recommendation is related to your software, which is the integration of a call center billing solution in your platform. This solution will automate the most important job of invoicing, billing, and payment processing for your clients. Automation of this job will ensure that your customers will receive on-time and accurate bills. 

Billing can be an overwhelming task in this type of business in which there are several customers, each subscribed to a different package and each using different services and concurrent calls. Thus, it is necessary to invest in the best call center billing solution and automate the whole process.

4. Educate Your Customers

Customers of a business using a multi tenant call center solution will be users of this contact center software without tenant features. You can reap maximum advantages from your software and keep expanding your business only if your customers know the strength of your software. 

Invest as many resources as required to provide complete training to use this software at its best. You can conduct training sessions for your software in which you explain each and every feature of the software. You must also explain the benefits of features and how to use them as best possible. You should also provide training material like a user manual, training videos, etc., so your tenants use your software and its amazing features. It will also give them the boost to upgrade to the higher package.

5. Become a Champion in Customer Care

Customer care is the most important part of the business. It can make you win over your competitors and for that, your own customer care team and strategy have to be excellent. Use your contact center software to provide customer care service to your clients. From resolving technical challenges to making them understand the best features, you can do so much for your clients to seamlessly grow your business.

6. Provide Easy Upgrade Options with Discounts

Many users of a call center solution often wish to upgrade their software to use more advanced features in their businesses. However, the upgrade policies are often quite challenging, which stops them from upgrading their software. Package upgrade always means more money for a service provider like you. Thus, it is necessary for you to make a really seamless and simplified plan for software and package upgrade. You can also give the same option within the software to automatically upgrade the system. 

Giving some discount to support upgrades is always beneficial as it will allure more users to upgrade their packages who are interested, but not making decisions for certain reasons. You can also educate them about the upgrade benefits and give them an easy option to upgrade with a personalized discount. 

Concluding Notes 

These are the must know and apply best practices if you are interested in growing manifolds and running a seamless business. Your multi tenant contact center software will definitely be your savior and real pal, which is why you must invest in this asset to make it the best offering. Other than that, use an excellent customer support strategy and offer value over services to make things easier for your business and pleasure for your clients. 

We provide the best contact center solution to businesses that are interested in running a seamless revenue generating business using this software. To know more about this platform, contact us.

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