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A Compendious Guide on Call Center WhatsApp Integration

  • April 7, 2023

With more than 2 billion active users, WhatsApp has won the show as one of the most engaging communication platforms. From a quick business chat to a long phone call or a conference call, everything is happening on WhatsApp. It also lets business owners exchange documents, screenshots, voice notes, and more to keep a business conversation going on. In a nutshell, the role of WhatsApp in the communication industry is pivotal and should not be ignored. It is no more just a personal messaging solution for consumers but is also used as a business communication tool. This has emerged the need and existence of call center WhatsApp integration. 

What is WhatsApp integration with a call center solution? 

It is the process of WhatsApp integration with a call center solution. It adds features of WhatsApp business into the call center solution.

The companies that offer WhatsApp business integration with call center software also build a user interface of WhatsApp to provide an easy to use solution to agents. It also reduces the learning curve. 

What are the major features made available with this integration?

Major Features Made Available With Call Center WhatsApp Integration

Call center WhatsApp integration provides an array of features to the users of a contact center solution, which includes all features of WhatsApp web, plus, some value added functionalities. 

Here is the list of features made available with this integrated solution: 

  • Instant messaging via WhatsApp
  • Phonebook 
  • Parallel chat support 
  • Exchange files, photos, etc. 
  • Lock the chat window once any one of the agents responds to the customer chat 
  • Chat history
  • Support multiple WhatsApp numbers within a single call center solution 
  • WhatsApp templates 

This integration provides the flexibility of using more than one WhatsApp number to use them within a single system, which helps businesses to leverage the advantages of WhatsApp and call center software within a single system. 

What are the benefits of integrating WhatsApp with call center software?

Benefits of Integrating WhatsApp With Call Center Software

The demand of integrating WhatsApp with call center software is increasing massively for multiple reasons. There are several benefits of using this integrated solution for any call center. Let’s explore the major benefits. 

1. Enhance customer experience

The first and vital advantage of using a WhatsApp integrated call center solution is that it can let a business deliver customer services via WhatsApp, which is the most popular and convenient mode of communication. Customers can even share screenshots of the issue they are facing. On the other hand, agents can provide user manuals, tutorial video files, etc. via the WhatsApp module available within the software for call centers. Thus, it can make customer care and related conversations interactive and engaging. Thus, it helps businesses to enhance customer experience considerably.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction with WhatsApp in your Call Center

2. Assure fair usage of resources

WhatsApp is an instant messaging app, but it delivers the experience of a personalized social networking website. Agents can get distracted and may spend time exploring WhatsApp status or chatting with their family and friends in parallel to provide customer support if a call center uses WhatsApp as a separate entity. However, if it is integrated within the contact center software, then all conversations will be logged and even reports will be generated by the solution. Thus, agents will be aware that their usage of WhatsApp and relevant resources are under surveillance. This makes them more conscious about the usage to ensure they make a fair usage of resources.

3. Boost productivity

The companies offering WhatsApp business integration with dialer not only provide communication features of WhatsApp, but they also provide value added features like WhatsApp message templates. Even a business can create templates for messages that are commonly sent to customers. This saves time for agents from typing the same messages repetitively. It also supports conversations with multiple agents in parallel. There are several other features, which help agents to work more productively.

4. Actionable insight

The providers of this integration with software for call centers also generate reports specific to WhatsApp. This helps to give more detailed insight into how WhatsApp is performing as one of the customer care communication channels. Exploring the reports of contact center software specific to WhatsApp also helps in identifying and analyzing key performance indicators. This data is really insightful and helps in taking the right actions to keep the business moving. 

Concluding notes 

Billions of users are interested in connecting to support centers and businesses via WhatsApp. This increases the necessity of WhatsApp integrated call center solution. The modern providers of a dialer solution integrate WhatsApp as a basic feature, but if it is not there, then businesses need to invest in the integration of this solution with a contact center solution to meet consumer demand. 

We have been offering call center WhatsApp integration with custom features and personalization of the module. We also help with report generation as per business demand. If you are seeking the right partner to integrate WhatsApp into your dialer, we are here to help you. Contact us for more details. 

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