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Top Call Center Solutions for Running Inbound, Outbound, and Omnichannel Strategies

  • December 1, 2023

Call center solutions are one of the most powerful tools nowadays. Businesses have started adopting the best of these solutions due to the increasing benefits of having this software in the business infrastructure. Moreover, there are several outstanding solutions available to meet the specific needs of a business. For example, an inbound call center solution is an exclusive solution that is developed to provide features that are specific to inbound campaigns. This type of tailored solution helps in enhancing results and returns.

Out of all available options of this software, inbound, outbound, and omnichannel solutions are very popular. An inbound call center software solution is useful in managing inbound strategies related to customer care campaigns, warm lead management, and similar campaigns. The outbound call center software is useful in handling outbound campaigns related to lead generation, sales, surveys, and more. Similarly, an omnichannel contact center software solution is useful in managing customer queries, sales inquiries, feedback and ratings of customers, and other forms of interactions.

Call Center Solutions

All three types of contact center solutions generate insightful data and reports. This is an actionable insight to give a quick view of all ongoing campaigns. Moreover, this data is useful in creating winning strategies for future inbound, outbound, and omnichannel campaigns.

There are several options of inbound, outbound, and omnichannel contact center solutions available in the market. Therefore, to help you choose the best one, we will share the top three solutions along with value added information about these solutions.

So, let’s get into the details of this interesting topic.

1. Understanding Inbound Call Center Solutions

An inbound call center solution is a complete software solution that is tailored to empower inbound campaigns. This software will include more inbound features to help businesses amplify their returns on all inbound campaigns. Moreover, these solutions also help in defining the right strategy and executing it meticulously. Furthermore, this software is impeccable in monitoring and evaluating the performance of different solutions.

2. Must Have Features of Inbound Solutions

Inbound Solutions

The inbound call center software can have a range of features that can help in elevating the results of inbound campaigns. Some of the must have features in your inbound contact center software are listed here:

  • Smart IVR solution
  • Unlimited call queues
  • Time condition based and holiday call routing
  • Automatic call distribution rules like sticky agent, skill based routing, least talk time routing, and more
  • Call hold and retrieve
  • Live call monitoring
  • Ring Group
  • Call recording
  • Call transfer
  • Custom music on hold
  • Reports
  • And more

3. Top Three Inbound Contact Center Solutions

This is a powerful inbound solution, which is built with exclusive features. It is tried and tested for its performance in managing different inbound campaigns. Moreover, it has several advantages to offer such as increasing first call resolution with effective call routing strategies.

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Furthermore, it also has an integrated CRM system that helps in personalizing conversations to impress clients. Additionally, it helps in handling customer calls 24 by 7 with its powerful features and efficient call routing strategies. It is available at affordable rates. Moreover, you can get technical support from experts as and when needed.

Ameyo Inbound Solution

It is popular for its IVR and intelligent call routing experience that helps bring a high FCR rate. It offers features like team collaboration, a unified agent desktop, agent call scoring, and more. Additionally, this software also provides CTI integration. However, it has some concerns with call recording and hang-up features.

Ring Central

Another popular inbound solution with powerful features like ACD, call script, and more. It also supports CTI integration. One of the big names in the industry of call center solutions. However, it is quite expensive and lags in the customer care department. Moreover, the navigation of its admin portal is confusing for some users.

4. Understanding Outbound Call Center Solutions

Outbound Call Center Solutions

Outbound contact center solutions are also software solutions that are exclusively developed with tailored features to boost the performance of outbound campaigns. The major functionality of this software is focused on increasing reach and call connect rate by automating tedious jobs of call dialing. In addition to that, these solutions have several other powerful features to empower outbound campaigns of your business.

5. Must Have Features of Outbound Solutions

Depending on the provider, this software can have different features. Some of the must have features of this software are listed below:

  • Outbound IVR
  • Auto dialers like predictive dialer, progressive dialer, preview dialer, etc.
  • Manual dialer
  • Broadcasting
  • Answering machine detection
  • Click to call
  • Do not call management
  • And more

6.  Top Three Outbound Contact Center Solutions

It is a renowned outbound solution with powerful and intelligent features. It helps in fast tracking sales, collection, lead generation, and similar outbound campaigns. Furthermore, it is loaded with excellent features that help in assuring high goal conversion.


It is another popular outbound solution, which has impressive features. For example, agent onboarding, CRM integration, and performance tracking, are some of the popular features of this software. The only channel its users face is with its interface, which can cause some roadblocks.


It is a popular outbound solution that has all the necessary features. Moreover, it supports integration of all other business applications to offer an all-inclusive solution. Furthermore, it provides the flexibility of working remotely. However, it demands high internet bandwidth to manage the quality of calls.

7. Understanding Omnichannel Call Center Solutions

Omnichannel Call Center Solutions

It is a call center solution with support for unified communication. It integrates all omnichannel communication channels. Moreover, it can support inbound, outbound, and blended campaigns. On the other hand, you can also have an omnichannel solution for inbound or outbound call center solutions.

8. Must Have Features of Omnichannel Solutions

This software will have inbound and outbound call center software features or features related to the campaign types it supports. In addition to that, it will have unified communication channel specific features like:

  • Message templates
  • Multiple retries
  • Emoticon support
  • Context mapping
  • Channel wise reporting
  • And more

9. Top Three Omnichannel Contact Center Platforms

It is a feature rich omnichannel solution that supports all communication channels. Additionally, it also integrates a help desk ticketing system to provide a technical communication channel within this software. This makes it an outstanding platform compared to competitors that only support conventional omnichannel communication. Additionally, this software has channel wise reports, templates, auto reply features. Furthermore, it is a highly flexible and scalable solution, which makes it more reliable and popular among all other options.


It is one more popular name in the list of omnichannel solutions. It is a cloud based platform and serves enterprises, startups, and SMBs. To use this software, a strong bandwidth of the internet is necessary. It claims to increase sales by reducing agent idle time.


It is another cloud based omnichannel solution to manage strategies of omnichannel campaigns. Moreover, it claims to reduce AHT (Average Handle Time) and increase the overall efficiency of agents. It is renowned for its automated workflow feature.

Concluding Note

In a nutshell, there are different types of solutions available to manage inbound, outbound, and omnichannel campaigns. Moreover, there are exclusive solutions available to empower businesses that focus more on a specific type of campaign. A call center solution can help in automating several jobs to save the resources of a business, which helps in boosting performance and productivity. Out of all available options, inbound, outbound, and omnichannel contact center solutions are quite popular. Each of these solutions has integrated features to help boost a specific type of campaign. Depending on the focus of campaigns they run more often, call centers can use one of these solutions.

To help you choose the right software, we have shared must have features in each of these software solutions. Moreover, we have also shared three top solutions in the market that are making the mark in the industry. This narrowed down list of solutions can help you make a better choice.

iCallify offers a range of solutions to empower different types of business campaigns. We offer outbound, omnichannel, and inbound contact center software solutions. These solutions are completely flexible to support the integration of different other business tools. Furthermore, these solutions are highly scalable and easy to use. You can also avail yourself of a lifetime free license for these solutions. To learn more about any of these solutions, for example, an inbound call center solution, contact us now.

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