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Soundboard Avatars to Create a Memorable Customer Experience

  • December 11, 2023

Customer communication is a crucial part of business. It helps in building brand identity. Moreover, it retains clients for your business by increasing their loyalty. Competition is vicious. Additionally, it is getting challenging to win new clients. Therefore, investing resources to increase customer retention is necessary. This has introduced the new trend of creating a memorable customer experience for users. There are multiple tools and solutions that contribute to improving customer satisfaction and build a memorable experience of interacting with the customer care team. Soundboard Avatar is a tech-savvy tool that has become the talk of the town due to its utilities in this segment.

 In this blog post, we are going to uncover the potential of Avatars in delivering a memorable customer experience. We will also explore other insightful details of using Soundboard in your call center or business.

Without any further delay, let’s delve deeper into this guiding experience that will help your business to build an unforgettable experience for your clients.

1.  Understanding Soundboard Avatars

In the recent past, the use of Soundboard Avatars, which is also known as Avatar Soundboards, has gained a lot of popularity. The reason is it makes conversations more engaging and interactive. Because it has a lot of demand in the market, there are multiple types of Avatar Soundboard solutions available.

Soundboard Avatar

In the simplest form, this software provides a board of prerecorded voice clips on a computer screen or a telephony application like a call center solution. The user can manually play these clips one by one or in any particular order as the conversation drives by simply clicking or tapping on the Soundboard. Traditionally, call centers used to use this tool to provide native experience to customers if they had non-native agents in their team.

With inventions, different varieties of Avatar solutions are introduced that blend other communication channels, too. For example, in a video call, the Soundboard is a prerecorded voice clip that is played, and it is paired with an animated Avatar. This adds more fun to a monotonous conversation. In banking and several other sectors, video calls to maintain customer relationships are common. In these video calls, the use of animated Avatars with Soundboard is a new trend.

2.  Role of AI in Avatar Soundboard

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is another trend in this industry. It is reshaping the whole experience. Therefore, we have dedicated this whole section to covering its role for this interesting communication tool.

Conventionally, human agents used to play the voice prompts by clicking or tapping on the soundboard Avatar. However, AI can automate this process by eliminating human interaction. For example, Soundboard Avatars are integrated with an IVR system. AI will play the Avatars during IVR interaction with customers. The result is a more fun and memorable experience even if clients are interacting with traditional IVR. There are multiple other utilities of AI with Soundboard Avatars to automate playing the clips at certain intervals.

AI can read human emotions. Therefore, it can make any dull conversation interesting by integrating it with Avatars. For example, during a video call, it can read the moments when a customer is losing interest. As a result, AI can play a fun clip or an interesting fact with animated Avatar. In short, AI, Soundboard, and video calls can make any dull conversation engaging and interactive.

AI can also benefit human agents to be more productive and engaging. AI technology is mature in voice sentiment analysis. During a live call, it can detect moments of disinterest, anger, disgust and similar negative emotions. AI can prompt a human agent to choose the right voice Avatar to drive positive emotions for customers. As a result, overall calling experience is enhanced and augmented.

3.  Importance of Memorable Customer Experience

If you are puzzled about the importance of delivering a memorable customer experience, then let’s understand this first.

According to HubSpot, it is 6x times cheaper to retain an existing client than onboarding a new client

This stat result shows the efforts, time, and funds you need to invest in retaining a client compared to locking a new deal. As a result, with little effort, you can keep your clientele secure from competition and enjoy steady revenue.

According to Invest, the chance of selling to an existing client is up to 70%. However, the chance of selling to a new customer has a probability of 5% to 20%.

This stat result is self explanatory when we think about the power of customer experience. As a result, you can boost sales up to 70% by focusing more on CX (Customer Experience).

These are just two statistics. However, there are so many survey and stat results available online that share the power of strong, positive, and memorable customer experience. Therefore, you must accept its importance. Moreover, you must walk the extra mile to deliver a positive client experience.

4.  Role of Avatars in Building a Memorable Experience

Avatar Soundboards

There are multiple driving factors that contribute to building a memorable customer experience. Firstly, calling experience is the major driving factor. There should be no jitter or delay in voice. Communication has to be loud and clear. Moreover, pronunciations must be crystal clear for the customer. Secondly, skilled manpower is another driving component in delivering memorable calling or customer experience. They will have skills to play with voice tone and pace. Moreover, they will know how to use the right tools in favor of driving a positive experience. Thirdly, tools are very important. Tools can empower your manpower to deliver a better customer experience. Therefore, you must get the best tools.

Soundboard Avatar is one of the trending tools that are renowned for delivering superior and memorable experiences. Let’s see how.

1 . Keeping Conversations Clear

Pronunciation is one of the definitive factors in any conversation. Therefore, it is necessary to emphasize clear pronunciations. The dilemma here is some words are pronounced differently by different people and some are difficult to utter for some of them. Therefore, agents may feel under pressure and fumble during a client conversation. As a result, it can cause a negative user experience. Moreover, it may also create an image that agents don’t have the required experience or intellectual skills to manage client calls. However, Soundboard can overcome this challenge easily. It will excel in delivering professional and crystal clear pronunciation of any word.

2 . Adding a Quotient of Fun

Soundboard Avatars are vibrant and fun. Therefore, they are renowned for engaging clients. Human agents can experience fatigue and boredom after handling a certain number of calls. However, Soundboard doesn’t go through these human emotions. Therefore, the energy in the voice is intact even when it is the 99th call of the day.

Using Avatar Soundboard, you can add some humor, some empathy, and even a whole rainbow of emotions. This helps in delivering an unforgettable customer experience during calls.

3 . Adding Knowledge and Facts

Several customers have complained that agents are not completely trained. Moreover, they complain about a lack of experience and knowledge about the products for which they provide support. As a result, call centers constantly invest in delivering training sessions. However, agents lack this skill, and it is not their fault. It is difficult to remember all the details. Moreover, it is also complicated to manage stress levels during customer calls. Furthermore, there is so much to handle for an agent, which makes calls monotonous. Moreover, agents often forget important details and facts.

Soundboard Avatars are perfect here because they don’t forget any details. In addition to that, they don’t feel stress, anxiety, and similar emotions. As a result, they can share facts with confidence and positive emotions. Agents can use Avatars as their friends. They don’t need to remember information. Moreover, Avatars will deliver facts confidently.

4 . Personalization is the Key

Personalization is necessary for customer care. As a result, it has to be part of any customer care campaign. Soundboard Avatar software integrates the CRM system. Moreover, development companies provide customization to add personalization. Using this tool, you can deliver a personalized customer experience. As a result, a happy and delighted client with a memorable experience is easy to achieve.

5.  Tips to Create Memorable UX with Soundboard Avatars

Soundboard avatarsSoundboard Avatar solutions are powerful tools to deliver exceptional calling experience to clients and agents. However, you must have the right strategy to use this tool in your favor. To help you in this quest, we have collated tips to create a memorable User Experience (UX) using Avatars.

1 . Create Compelling Voice Prompts

You must create the right Soundboard Avatars to deliver a memorable experience. Add emotions and fun in Avatars. Moreover, you must group Avatars in different Soundboards to make it easier for agents to use them at the right time.

2 . Design Process to use Avatars 

Automation can resolve all roadblocks in using Soundboard effectively. However, complete automation is still not achieved. Therefore, a business needs to create the right human-machine ecosystem with a well-defined process. You must have a detailed plan. Moreover, you must add this plan to your knowledge base, so that your agents can refer to it whenever they need to.

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3 . Train Agents

As mentioned earlier, you need to create a perfect human-machine system. Therefore, along with using the best Soundboard software, you must have skilled agents. As a result, there has to be a clear training program for agents. Your agents need to know the process of using Avatars efficiently to deliver memorable customer experiences. Firstly, you must deliver group training. Secondly, you can give case to case training, as and when you find a need for it.

4 . Monitor Results

Once you implement Avatars, you should also monitor how your agents are performing. Furthermore, you must check the performance of campaigns to ensure you are achieving the goal of improving customer care practices. As a result, you have to achieve a positive difference in the aim of delivering a memorable customer experience.

5 . Keep Improving

Monitoring and fine tuning are ongoing processes. You have to constantly make changes in your strategy of using Avatars. You can also make changes to voice prompts that are in use. You can upgrade technology or software. In a nutshell, all practices that can help you improve results are required. You must persistently work on this area to deliver a memorable calling experience to your clients.

6.  Added Advantages of Using the Soundboard Avatar System

soundboard avatarYou are already aware of the major advantage of using this system. However, there are multiple other benefits of using Avatars.

  • Make interactions more engaging
  • Boost the morale of agents
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce expenses
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce cost per retention
  • Improve customer experience
  • Build a positive business brand
  • And many more

Concluding Notes

In conclusion, the role of Soundboard Avatar solutions in improving customer satisfaction is pivotal. There are several innovative ideas that a business can implement by using this solution. Moreover, businesses can adopt the power of AI and similar technologies to boost the power of Avatar Soundboard. In this blog post, we have shared all insightful details that depict the power of Avatars. Moreover, we have shared all the necessary tips and tricks to use this software to achieve the expected results.

If you are looking for a powerful Soundboard Avatar platform to implement in your customer care campaigns, then we can help. We have the best software with customizable Avatars. To book a free demo, get in touch with us now.


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