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How Do Digital Soundboards Transform Business Success?

  • November 16, 2023

Successful and growing businesses face several challenges. Keeping customers happy is one of the biggest challenges to face nowadays. Therefore, it becomes inevitable to invest in the right resources, technologies, people, and more. All this together helps in delivering excellent customer experience. Different tools and people have different roles to play here. We will discuss more details about a Sound board call center in this blog post. We will explore how this tool can boost the performance of your call center or business in your quest to deliver an outstanding customer experience. It can literally transform the whole CX (Customer Experience).

What are Soundboard Avatars?

SoundBoard Avatar

In simple words, it is a board of different sounds or voice prompts. In the call center industry, technological inventions focus on improving different areas of business. Moreover, these inventions resolve common issues. A digital Soundboard software solution is a direct solution to one common challenge in customer care, which is not having native speakers. Avatars are commonly used voice prompts in a call. This includes greetings, the conclusion of the call, welcome messages, and more depending on the type of call. Each soundtrack or voice prompt is an Avatar. And the whole screen or bucket of soundtracks is the complete digital solution with Avatars.

What is a Soundboard Call Center?

Soundboard Call Center is a call center solution with integrated Soundboard Avatars. A solution can have a range of Avatars in one or more native languages depending on the areas it caters to. It has nothing to do with the language of the software itself. The solution might have a user interface in English (UK), but the Avatars are in English (US), Turkish, Espanol, or any other language. That means the call center software does not need to support multiple languages and still it can have avatar soundboard in multiple languages.

Sound board avatar

The Soundboard software also supports bucketing features. According to this feature, your solution can have multiple buckets based on the types of Avatars. For example, all soundboard Avatars in English (US) are put in one bucket. All greetings related to Avatars are put in one bucket. Similarly, different types of buckets are created depending on different criteria. These buckets simplify for agents to choose the right Soundboard to play during a live call.

How Does a Soundboard Work?

During a live call, an agent can click on any Soundboard Avatar depending on the demand of the call. For example, the agent plays a greeting message at the beginning of the call. Secondly, the agent plays a well-being message. Third, he or she plays the sales message or customer care message. Similarly, the agent can play only a greeting message and then take over the call. Depending on the scenario or best practices set in the Sound board, a call center agent can play the message.

When an agent clicks on any of the Avatars, the software will play that message. This process is very natural and the customer on the other hand never realizes whether it is a human agent or an Avatar. This is the beauty of this software. The Avatars are useful in both inbound and outbound calling campaigns.

How Does Soundboard Software Transform Business Success?

Soundboard Software

In multiple ways, this software can transform the whole customer experience. Let’s discuss some of them:

Initial Connection with the Client

A majority of the time, customers feel disconnected due to accents or pronunciations of non-native speakers. Therefore, the call drop ratio often increases in outbound campaigns. The call center software with Avatars can reduce this ratio by creating an instant connection at the start of the call. Agents will use Avatars at the beginning of the call to create an instant connection with a client and engage him. This not just helps in increasing call reach, but also call duration. As a result, the agent can deliver the sales message or branding message simply.

Win Confidence

Native speakers often win the confidence of clients easily. However, this job is quite difficult for non-native speakers. The digital Soundboard software makes it quite easy even for non-native speakers to win confidence. They can play one by one Soundboard Avatar until the customer is ready to connect with agents. Once the customer shows readiness to discuss in detail, the call is taken over by the agent.

Boost Agent Performance

When a customer shows readiness to discuss in detail and engage in a call, it also gives confidence to agents. The Soundboard software wins the confidence of clients to move to the next stage of discussion. It also gives them the comfort of having a discussion with a native speaker so that they can easily share their comments or feedback. This somewhere works as a training session for agents. They learn what customers like and what they dislike. All this helps in boosting the overall performance of agents.  As a result, boosted returns for call centers, too.

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Reduced Expenses

Expenses can directly affect the ROI (Returns on Investment) of a business. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce expenses. One of the areas in which call centers need to spend money is hiring native speakers or employees to manage some campaigns. The Soundboard software can help in reducing or eliminating this expense by providing message prompts in native languages with the correct accents and pronunciation. This is a huge saving for several companies working in countries with low GDPR and similar.

Increase Returns

Certainly, when a call center succeeds in increasing its success rate, reducing expenses, winning client confidence, and boosting agent performance, success is inevitable. A business can easily get success and high returns with this software. There are several amazing advantages of using Soundboard that directly or indirectly contribute to a boost in returns.

Concluding Notes

In a nutshell, Soundboard have a major role to play in the call center industry to boost the success rate of the business. It directly targets to improve customer experience. Moreover, it indirectly boosts several other criteria of success like productivity, resource utilization, etc. All of this helps in increasing the success rate rapidly.

If you are interested in exploring more about the best call center solution, which you can use to set up a Sound board call center, then connect with us now!

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