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AI and ML Unlocks the Potential of Progressive Dialing Solution

  • November 9, 2023

Call center technology has evolved over the years. Involvement of other trending technologies has empowered call center solutions, as well as its individual features to boost the performance of call centers and related businesses that use this software. AI and ML are transforming the call center industry. Discover their impact on technology-driven solutions. Several operations, features, and tools are enhanced in performance by these two technologies. In this blog post, we will explore more details about the role of AI and ML in unlocking the potential of one of the most powerful solutions used in the call center industry, which is progressive dialer solution.

In this blog post, we will cover all vital information, which covers the following points without any further delay, let’s explore the details of this interesting subject matter:

What is a Progressive Dialer?

A call center solution is made up of several features and functionalities. Auto dialing is one of the most useful and renowned features available in this software. It automates the process of dialing numbers to make outbound calls. There are several types of auto dialing features available in this system and depending on the nature of the outbound campaign, call centers select and use an auto dialing feature of this software.

An automated dialing feature, a progressive dialer streamlines outbound campaign outreach by dialing the necessary phone numbers. This system automatically fetches numbers from the contact list and dials them to connect with customers or prospective clients. It is different than preview dialer software because it does not show preview of the lead to the agent, but the similarity with preview dialing is that is waits for an agent to complete an ongoing call and shows readiness to take the next call. It ensures that an agent receives calls connected to humans while skipping missed calls, abandoned calls, IVR-landed calls, and more.

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As mentioned earlier, it is one of the auto dialing features available in this software, but it is also available as an individual software solution for those businesses that don’t need a complete solution, but just a few added features that is available in this software.

A progressive dialer solution will provide features like:

  • Dashboard
  • Progressive dialing
  • Live monitoring
  • Call script
  • Disposition
  • Call mute and un-mute
  • Call hold and retrieve
  • Music on Hold
  • Call transfer (Blind and Attended)
  • Soundboard Avatars
  • Reports
  • And more

Depending on the provider, these features may vary. As it is not a complete outbound call center solution, it will not have several features, which are part of a full-fledged software solution.

What is the Role of a Progressive Dialer?

The role of a progressive dialing system is crucial in any outbound campaign because it automates the whole manual process of dialing numbers to connect with agents. This is really an efficient way of running outbound campaigns, which can be campaigns for sales, lead generation, lead conversion, cold calling, follow-ups, surveys, feedback, and more. It prevents missed contact numbers and avoids the common increase in abandoned or dropped call rates in some auto-dialing systems.

Benefits of Using a Progressive Dialer

Progressive Dialer

There are several benefits of using this auto-dialing system and different types of outbound campaigns add added advantages. Let’s explore the major benefits of using progressive dialing.

Increase Reach Rate

One of the major advantages of using a progressive dialer system is it increases the reach rate tremendously high. It helps in filtering out outdated and misspelled numbers by removing those numbers from the dialing list. Moreover, the speed of this auto dialer is way higher than the manual way of dialing numbers, which helps increase reach rate. Additionally, agents don’t need to wait for the next call to get connected or even don’t need to wait to dial numbers. This helps in increasing overall reach.

Increase Goal Conversion

Outbound campaigns can have different goals. An outbound campaign might get run just to spread words about something or it can run to generate leads. It is also used to rung to increase sales or to simply improve relationships with customers. There can be any goal of an outbound campaign, and for all of these goals, progressive dialing is a must and useful. It can boost the effectiveness of these outbound campaigns and increase goal conversion to increase the value of these campaigns.

Improve Agent Efficiency

The best benefit of using any autodialer, including, but not limited to progressive dialing system is to increase the productivity of agents, which is one of the major goals of using any software or tool. If agents work optimally and productively, all other key performance indicators (KPIs) will start getting better. The stated dialer helps in boosting the performance and productivity of agents by increasing call reach and connect rate. It also makes sure that agents invest a majority of their time talking with clients and that would increase agent productivity. This benefit of using this software leads to several other advantages.

Role of AI and ML in Progressive Dialing

Progressive Dialing

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been talking of the town since these technologies were invented. One of the common use cases of AI and ML in technology software solutions is automating processes. However, its use case is not restricted to automation. AI and ML technologies help in boosting the performance of several operations. In fact, it can efficiently perform multiple operations in call centers. Of course, the intention of AI and ML is to remove tedious jobs from the to do list of agents and not to take the job of agents. These technologies help empower agents to do their jobs better and use their intelligence well instead of wasting time doing common jobs like calling customers manually in the case of using progressive dialer software. AI and ML technologies build self-learning algorithms, which self-learn from different use cases and help in increasing benefits.

The role of AI and ML is dominating in the call center industry and for this solution. Let’s discuss some of the major areas touched by these technologies.

Speeding up Automated Dialing

The main goal of using progressive dialing is to dial numbers to connect with agents automatically. There are several advantages of using this dialing method because it automatically dials numbers to save agent time. The role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in improving the efficiency of this feature is to speed up the automated dialing system. It helps in boosting the dialing and connecting speed by adding AI and ML algorithms.

Increase Efficiency in the NumberSelection

Progressive dialer software takes numbers in a progressive manner, which means in a sequential manner. AI and ML have an important role in boosting the performance of outbound campaigns. Artificial intelligence algorithms can add accuracy in selecting numbers from the list. Even outbound campaigns can use multiple groups of contact lists and AI and ML can choose the contacts from one of the lists based on the best match entry. This helps in increasing the efficiency of outbound campaigns to increase sales or any other desired goal conversion.

Self learning for Auto Dialing Improvement

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies have several amazing functionalities to offer and one of them is self-learning. AI and ML algorithms integrated into the progressive dialing functionality can help ensure that the system is observing different encounters with dialing, connecting with customers or IVRs, and more. These algorithms use various use cases as input for self-learning and algorithm enhancement, leading to improved outbound campaign results and increased goal conversion.

progressive Dialer

Assigning Calls Based on Agent Skills

Skill-based call routing is one of the features available in call center solutions, which makes sure that calls are assigned to the most skilled agent to increase the chances of closure of the call and improve first call resolution. This functionality is not yet available for outbound campaigns. Even traditional progressive dialing fetches the number from the list once the agent shows readiness to take the next outbound call and assign it to them. Using AI and ML algorithms, we can make this dialing method smarter. The algorithms select numbers based on agent skills, increasing goal conversion.

Communicate Once Call is Connected

AI and ML have features even to communicate with customers using natural language processing or voice bots. The system dials and handles common conversations, connecting with customers autonomously. This will save a lot of time of agents by managing the conversation like greeting the client and having a common conversation such as asking simple questions or answering frequently asked questions. This will also eliminate the need for soundboard Avatars. This helps in saving a lot of time and other resources. It can also help in filtering leads that do not have that potential. This ensures that agents will get calls that need their intelligence and skills. This can create a real example of the human-machine system.

Improve Agent Efficiency in Communication

AI and ML not just improve the performance of the software or auto-dialing feature, but it also empowers agents to work more efficiently and accurately. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms can help with dynamic features such as providing custom call script depending on the type of lead. It can help with managing administrative jobs. By providing real-time voice analysis, this innovative solution helps improve the quality of calls and services. It enables agents to adapt their conversations to the customer’s mood, ultimately boosting goal conversion rates.

Concluding Notes

The opportunities to improve the performance of an outbound campaign or agents with a progressive dialer system that has implemented artificial intelligence and machine learning tools or algorithms are abundant. Technology companies can use existing research to identify the areas of improvement that can directly or indirectly impact the users. Unlike simple preview dialer software or progressive dialing, AI and ML can augment each segment of an outbound campaign whether it is the selection of numbers, automatically calling those numbers, bypassing numbers that could not be connected for any reason, connecting with humans and assigning calls to agents that are skilled to handle that lead.

The advanced version of AI and ML can even communicate with clients and filter leads to assigning more potential ones to human agents to maximize output of outbound campaigns. It can even monitor calls in real-time and share the sentiments of clients, so agents can use their skills to improve the pitch by personalizing the script. There are several amazing use cases of meticulously developed algorithms for progressive dialing.

We, iCallify, have been helping companies to augment their outbound campaigns with a feature-rich outbound call center solution. We provide a custom call center solution with an extensive range of features to benefit businesses or call centers. Developing custom AI and ML features is our expertise. We excel in enhancing progressive dialing solutions with these skills.. To learn how our skills in call center technologies along with AI and ML technologies can help you boost the efficiency of progressive dialer solution, contact us now!

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