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Outbound Call Center Software: Features, Benefits, and More

  • August 18, 2023

Outbound calls are an integral part of any business because outgoing calls give the opportunity to have discussions with partners, investors, and customers to build a strong relationship. It further helps in generating and converting leads and moving business in a positive direction. Similar to customer care, businesses also outsource their outbound campaigns to call centers. Businesses believe in the call center industry for their outbound campaigns to bring the best results with their industry experience and expertise. Outbound call centers use different tools to unleash the power of digitization and deliver expected returns to customers. The outbound call center software is one of the powerful digital tools used by these call centers to deliver exceptional results to these customers.

Whether one needs an outbound call center to run a survey campaign, brand awareness campaign, lead generation, lead nurturing, customer care, or any similar campaign, an outbound call center and outbound call center solution can benefit.

If you are unaware of the power of this software, let’s take a deep dive into this subject matter to explore more details.

Let’s delve deeper to explore all the necessary details to understand this system more closely and make the right use of it.

1. What is an Outbound Contact Center System?

Different types of solutions are available to empower the call center industry. However, for outbound call centers, an outbound call center solution provider develops a tailored solution that has all the advanced features designed to augment the results of outbound campaigns.

The outbound dialer solution is developed with diverse features that are specifically developed to increase the effectiveness of outgoing campaigns and boost results in general. It does not mean that the software will not have any feature to attend an incoming call, but it means that the software will have more features to manage outgoing calls.

2. Why is an Outbound Solution Important?

You might wonder that if you can get general purpose software for call centers, which can manage both inbound and outbound campaigns, then why invest in an outbound contact center solution? Here are the top reasons to invest in an exclusive outbound system instead of a general purpose solution.

Pay for What You Need

A majority of features available in the outbound contact center software will be related to outbound campaigns. This is unlike a general purpose solution, which will have features of both inbound and outbound campaign management and in some cases, also for blended campaign management.

As many features, your software will have as much cost as it will have for a license or even for the hosted solution. That means you will need to pay a lot for all features even if you are not going to use many features from the available ones.

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When you buy just an outbound system, you can rest assured that you will have all the required features that you need, and you pay for that only. Even by paying high, you will be able to get more advanced features to boost the results of your outgoing campaigns. This makes a better and wiser investment as it increases returns on investment (ROI).

Get Advanced Features to Support Outbound Campaigns

By eliminating unnecessary features in your software for call centers, you will be able to save more and still get more advanced features to increase the value of major KPIs. You will also be able to increase the effectiveness of your outgoing campaigns.

Reduce the Load of Your Agents

If you invest in a solution that has features to manage both inbound and outbound calls, then your software will have several features. Your agents will need to get trained to use all features and to some extent, they will also have the pressure of mastering all those features. It might also make them confused. Thus, it is beneficial to use just an outbound call center solution instead of getting any standard software.

Save Resources

Any software that you have in your toolset needs maintenance. Even when there is any upgrade in the software for security patches or any version release, you will get it for the whole system. This will not only increase expenses for the upgrade, but it will also increase the system and other types of resource utilization. By using an outbound system, you will be able to save more resources.

3. What Are The Major Features of an Outbound Solution?

Outbound Call Center Software

Software providers always make some unnecessary claims while selling a solution simply to increase their own sales. However, it is necessary for you to judge which system is best for you and buy it. One simplest way of making the right choice while looking for the best call center software for managing outbound campaign is to look for the top and must have features in it.

Here Are The Top Features That Your Outbound Call Center Software Must Have:

Live statistics

It is necessary to have real time analytics for businesses. It helps in reviewing the performance of ongoing outbound campaigns. Moreover, it also provides the performance of resources, so it can be ensured that all resources are working optimally, or the required changes can be made.

Auto dialers

It is most important to have auto dialers in your outbound dialer software. Generally, all contact center solutions will have a range of auto dialers, but it is necessary to have the maximum number of Automatic dialers in your software. Some of the must have auto dialers in your software are listed below:

  • Predictive dialer
  • Power dialer
  • Progressive dialer
  • Preview dialer
  • Auto dialer

These five dialers have to be part of the basic features available in this software and should be available to boost the results of your outgoing campaigns.

Automatic call distributor

Even if a call center runs outgoing campaigns, it would also need to handle incoming calls. Thus, even if the software for call centers doesn’t have all diverse types of automated call distribution strategies in the system, it must have a fundamental call distributor along with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.

Call script

It is a standard feature that is available in all solutions, but still, it is recommended to check whether you have a customizable and dynamic call script feature or not. The solutions will have a call script that can be selected for each campaign. Moreover, it will also have a call script that will have variables, which will be filled automatically as per the live contact details in the call script.

CRM Integration

This is not an internal feature of any call center software, but it has become a necessary integration. That is why it is on the list of must have features. A CRM system is one of the most commonly used tools by all call centers. This feature helps in showing customer information to agents during a live call.

Even the call script gets dynamic values from the CRM into the dialer software. All this information helps agents to lead the conversation better and increase returns of outbound campaigns. Moreover, it reduces the repetitive work of agents.

Unified Communication

This is another must have feature for users of outbound contact center software. Nowadays, customers use multiple communication channels, which is why it has become necessary to connect with clients across channels. Moreover, different outbound campaigns require agents to use different modes of communication.

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For example, using WhatsApp or email, a cold lead message can be sent, and a voice call or video call can be conducted to take serious leads that are more likely to get converted and need detailed discussion. Likewise, different stages of the sales lifecycle or any other type of software need different communication channels. Thus, it is necessary to have unified communication in your software.

Call Monitoring Features

Even if you have a skilled team of agents, it is necessary to have a mechanism to keep monitoring your agents for quality of service and excellent productivity. Whisper, barge-in, conference calling, call recording, etc. must have features to persistently monitor the performance of different calls and campaigns. These features also help in providing support for live coaching to agents, which is necessary to increase the results of outgoing campaigns. It further helps in boosting agent productivity.

Answering Machine Detector (AMD)

A majority of auto dialers will have an answering machine detector as an integrated feature into the software. However, all auto dialers don’t have this feature as an inbuilt functionality. Thus, it is necessary to have AMD in the software, so it can detect answering machines and skip those calls, which helps in increasing productivity rather than wasting time on calls landed to answering machines.

Automation features

All modern contact center solutions provide automation features to help call centers reduce the workload on agents, so they can spend more time handling calls. The outbound solutions also should have automation features to automate repetitive jobs. For example, voice broadcasting helps in automating spreading an awareness or similar message.

Call Analytics and Reports

This is another important feature that your outbound contact center solution must have. It should have reports showing major key performance indicators (KPIs) related to outbound campaigns, so you can leverage the advantage of evaluation and improvement with ease.

4. What Are The Major Advantages of This Solution?

Advantages of an Outbound call center Solution

There are several advantages to using the best call center software for outbound campaigns. Let’s explore the major three:

Reduces expenses

As you buy an exclusive platform to handle outbound campaigns, you will be able to reduce the cost of licensing. Moreover, you will be able to reduce expenses on hosting resources, software maintenance, etc. You will also be able to save on an ongoing basis on several aspects. All of this helps to reduce expenses.

Improves productivity

The agents will have more powerful and personalized features in the call center software, which will help them perform better and personalize calls to improve results. This will boost the confidence and skills of agents to manage similar calls and they will be able to manage more calls to boost results. In addition to that, the software will also automate repetitive jobs, which will save time and energy of agents to put in other calls. This is how the software will help to increase agent productivity in multiple ways.

Increase Returns

When a system helps agents to perform more productively, it will directly increase the results of those campaigns. Moreover, it will save multiple resources, which can be used for productive jobs in the outbound contact centers. This way, the outbound solution helps in boosting returns over team, infrastructure, and other resources.

If you are interested in exploring more advantages of using an outbound dialer solution, then read our blog post covering all important benefits, here.

5.  Concluding Notes

In a nutshell, call centers that exclusively or majorly manage outgoing campaigns must use an outbound dialer software solution rather than a general system. It helps them streamline outgoing campaigns with automation and other personalized features. Furthermore, it also helps in reducing expenses, increasing productivity, and maximizing the results of outgoing campaigns. It is necessary to get the right software with all must have features as mentioned in this blog post to leverage maximum returns from the solution.

The right outbound call center solution provider will help you with the best software and reliable support on an ongoing basis. Our blog post which shares an effective guide to finding the right provider of software for outbound call management is here.

If you are searching for the best software to manage your outgoing campaigns, our exclusive outbound call center software, tailored to meet your business needs, can assist you. Our outbound solution has advanced features, AI-driven automation functionalities, high scalability, and several other components to offer that can boost your returns even further. You can also avail yourself of a lifetime free license for this software. To learn more about our solution, lifetime free edition, and other details, please get in touch with us.

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