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Why Is an IVR System Necessary to Use in a Call Center?

  • November 9, 2022

Call center solutions are empowered with value added features. With the advent of new technologies, new features are getting added to the contact center solution. This often leads people to forget the importance of standard and conventional features of this software, which are still available in this system. The IVR system is one of the conventional features available in this software.

With the progression in time, call center software providers have started enhancing conventional features. For example, smart IVR software or cloud IVR solutions are the latest inventions of this conventional feature integrated into the contact center solution.

Let me share why it is vital to use this solution in a call center: 

1. Pacify an angry customer with a warm greeting

The fundamental use of an IVR solution is to attend to each incoming call and greet callers with a warm greeting. This often works miraculously to pacify angry clients that are seeking resolution and have crossed the anger tolerance level. The clients don’t get connected directly with agents. Instead of that, smart IVR software integrated into the call center software will attend to the caller and help in reducing the customer’s anger level.

2. Handle high call volume more effectively

In any call center, high call volume is common, and handling these calls often gets overwhelming for agents. Sometimes, the call centers don’t have enough bandwidth to handle these calls and this can cause disruption in the system. One of the best cloud IVR solutions is the best to handle this situation. The reason is cloud solutions can be instantly scaled up to handle spiked up call volume using a pay as you model of the cloud hosting provider. In addition to that, it can also engage clients until agents are available to handle the calls. 

3. Reduce workload on agent

The IVR solution providers also integrate self serving features to provide an advanced tool to call centers. It lets customers take common actions and get answers to frequently asked questions. It means customers don’t need to wait until agents are available to take calls. This reduces the call volume and workload by resolving customer queries within the call. 

4. Put customers in the right queue

An IVR system not only enhances customer engagement but also makes sure that other call center KPIs can be improved. It puts the caller into the right queue, so the automatic call distribution system can connect customers with the most suitable agent. 


In conclusion, any conventional system with modernized technology benefits has its own vital role to play and an IVR solution is one of the systems like that. In modern call centers, its role is getting ignored, but as explained in this article, IVR solution providers have made this system more viable and useful. Thus, all call centers must take advantage.

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