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How to Increase Sales Using a Power Dialer? 

  • October 13, 2022

Call center dialer solutions are bestowing increasing benefits to its users. This is the reason various other software such as an auto dialing system, contact center software, etc., have implemented dialers as one of the integral features into it. Power dialer is one of the most crucial auto dialer solutions that increase the sales rate by up to 80% higher. Sounds astounding? But, it is true.

What is power dialing? 

It is one of the features available in the best auto dialer software or call center solution to automatically dial the phone number of the sales lead. It waits for an agent or sales rep to complete an ongoing call and show readiness to take the call. Once the ready state of the agent is displayed, the system will automatically fetch and dial the next number from the lead list, and once connected to the client, it will route it to the agent to have a sales conversation.

How does a power dialer increase the sales rate? 

1. By maximizing talk time

In traditional telemarketing campaigns, agents use their landline or mobile phones or use traditional call center dialer solutions with a manual dialer that provides only manual dialing options. On the other hand, the power dialer automates this whole process of taking numbers one by one from the list and manually dialing them. This saves a lot of time for agents that can be served on the sales calls converting more leads and generating sales.

2. By improving lead management 

Lead management is made absolutely easy and efficient with this type of auto dialing system. It does not require agents to look at the leads as the system itself will handle this daunting yet crucial task. It will not only manage leads, but it will also ensure that all sales prospects are contacted by this automated system. A call center solution with this feature will also have callback scheduling, which makes follow-up processes more tight and dependable. All this helps in staying on top of each lead and generating more sales.

3. Invest more in profitable sales campaigns

This type of auto dialer software not only automatically dials numbers, but also handles multiple other tasks such as recording calls for quality purpose, logging all calls, generating reports, and more. The supervisors can review all these important performance indicators to identify sales opportunities, so more resources can be allotted to the campaigns that can generate a high sales rate. This information can also be used to train agents to improve their sales skills and increase lead conversion rates even further.


All auto dialer solutions can help businesses yield more results from their outbound campaigns. A power dialer is one of the most powerful automated dialers. It drastically boosts the results of sales campaigns and that is why it is used by top businesses along with call centers for lead generation and sales campaigns.

Our intelligent call center software has different auto dialers integrated into it along with multiple other features.

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