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Boost Agent Productivity with a Blended Call Center Software

  • October 10, 2022

The productivity of agents defines the growth of a call center. More productive agents contribute to increasing sales and improving customer relationships. Along with several other strategies, each contact center solution can contribute to boosting agent productivity. This software will have automated tools and multiple other features that can help in boosting agent productivity. Blended call center software are renowned for facilitating the highest productivity to agents.

What is a blended call center solution?

This call center software will have standard or advanced communication features similar to other contact center solutions. A characteristic that makes it stand out among other types of call center solutions is that it can support both inbound and outbound campaigns in a single type of campaign.

Generally, in an inbound campaign, agents will receive all incoming calls using different automatic call distribution rules. On the other hand, in an outbound campaign, the agents only handle outgoing calls. But, when you use a blended system, the call center software will assign both incoming and outgoing calls to the agents.

How does a blended call center solution boost the productivity of agents?

In multiple ways, Blended call center solution contribute to boosting agent productivity. Let’s explore the top three of them.

1. It minimizes the agent idle time

If call volume is not enough and you are using just an inbound or outbound calling campaign, then agents may sit idle. This would waste their time and also become the cause of dissatisfaction. Unlike that, when you use a contact center solution that supports blended calling, you can constantly transfer calls to agents. They will spend maximum time with customers, whether those are incoming or outgoing calls, but the productivity will be high as the idle time would be minimized.

2. It sharpens the skills of agents

Communication is an art and this art can be cultivated and developed with practice. The blended contact center software can help agents sharpen their communication skills with a constant flow of calls to be handled. As many calls are handled by agents as many skills they develop. In fact, blended calling helps them cultivate multitasking skills and learn how to handle both types of calls, which is not possible with simple call center solutions that only support one stream of calling. The sharpened skills will contribute to high productivity.

3. It boosts agent morale and satisfaction

Handling more successful calls will boost the morale of agents. Moreover, more successful calls and constantly increasing productivity and performance will help agents to feel content about their profile and job. They will be able to win more rewards. This will increase job satisfaction and it can further help in boosting productivity.

Concluding notes

All contact center solutions help in boosting agent productivity with automation features and other benefits. The blended call center solutions, however, can give the required nudge to the agents, so they can perform even better and more productive.

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