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Guide to Make Max Out of Multi Tenant Call Center Software

  • September 14, 2023

To run a seamless business, it is necessary to build a supportive environment. You need the right software, talented team members, loyal leaders, the right strategy, and a leading approach tour pass competition and win more business. Many businesses fail even if they have the best tools, unmatchable brains in the teal, and high employee retention due to a lack of guidance to make the right use of their assets. A multi-tenant call center software solution is an in-demand platform, but many businesses could not achieve the right returns. The reason is they don’t have the right knowledge and experience of using this software at its best.

Guided Solution to make sure you can maximize returns from your Multi Tenant call center solution.

Guided Solution to make sure you can maximize returns from your Multi-tenant call center solution.1. Use a power packed solution

Many businesses have an assumption that a multi-tenant contact center solution is an advanced system, but it is a partial truth. Multi tenancy is a feature that your call center software can have. This feature defines that your system can create tenants and control them, but it does not mean it has advanced features such as unified communication channels, Soundboard Avatars, integrated CRM, voice broadcasting, and more. You need to check whether you have the most advanced features in your software or not and if you don’t have it, you must invest in getting those. It is necessary to use advanced features to stay ahead of the competition.

If you are unsure about must have features in your multi-tenant software for call centers, then we have a featured blog post that shares a list of must have features in this software. You can explore this blog post, here.

2. Have a right technical partner

Any software is a technical solution which requires technical support at a certain point. In the case of using a multi-tenant dialer solution, you might need more frequent support due to technicalities related to hosting, architecture, features, and more. Of course, the software will be easy to use because providers invest in building a graphical user interface with a captivating user experience. However, technicalities such as cluster setup of the software to keep high uptime SLA (Service Level Agreement) will require technical knowledge.

The right technical partner will help in reducing stress on your team to manage technical aspects. It will also result in the smooth handling of technical concerns. Thus, you must partner with the right partner to receive reliable and timely support.

3. Your team must be well trained

All multi-tenant call center solutions may have similar features, but they might work differently, or the software can have a different flow to use them. Moreover, these solutions may have some useful features, which your team ignores just because they are unaware of them. To make sure your team is making the best use of your multi-tenant call center software, you must get your team trained. You can request your software provider to train your team to use all features of this solution. You can also add user manuals, video tutorials, etc. to the knowledge mine for your agents, so they can refer to those resources whenever possible to keep themselves aware of all features, so they can work better and productively.

4. Define protocols and share them with the team

To make fair and right use of any software, including, but not limited to a multi-tenant contact center solution, it is necessary to have a clear set of rules. You must define protocols to use the software and associated tools to make sure your multi-tenant dialer solution is used efficiently by your team members. You can also define a hierarchy that will provide the required assistance when someone gets stuck at a certain point. For example, if any call center branch needs extra features, then there has to be a predefined manager to whom they can make a request and get the required features in their tenant account.

Your team must know all protocols and hierarchy structure, so they can follow it and use this solution in their favor rather than struggling on their own to use this software.

5. Listen to the feedback

Your agents and managers know how your multi-tenant software for call centers works because they are using it day in, day out. It is necessary to keep an open environment, so they can share their feedback on challenges they might be facing or any new feature that they need to perform more productively. Your customers receive service via the software. They are not direct users of this software, but they are indirect users of this software. If a majority of clients are not receiving satisfactory services, then your software or team has something missing that needs to be fixed. Thus, always listen to your clients.

6. Keep upgrading

To keep moving forward, you have to keep improving and upgrading. Your team needs to be provided with training to sharpen their skills. Your multi-tenant call center solution must be upgraded with new features whenever your software provider releases new features or fixes. Investing in upgrading skills, infrastructure, etc. always increases returns because it helps you beat the competition with ease.

Concluding notes

The call center software solution has been used by businesses for many years, which is why revolutionary innovations took place to empower this software. The multi tenant call center solutions are a boon for certain businesses because they provide tenant support. This type of solution makes it easy to create tenant’s aka subaccounts and administer them. It further helps in creating a collaborative environment if you have multiple business branches. To make sure you are maximizing returns from your software, you must follow the guide we have shared in this blog post.

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