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Contact Center Software: Redefining the Journey to Reach High FCR

  • May 6, 2024

In contact centers, the major focus is always on improving customer delight. Therefore, call centers persistently put resources into measuring top KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and improving their values. One of the major focused KPIs in a call center is FCR (First Call Resolution / First Contact Resolution). Undoubtedly, the role of a contact center software solution is noteworthy in this pursuit. There are several advantages of using this tool to improve your FCR rate. Moreover, enhancing the value of FCR will also augment the values of other major KPIs. For example, it will reduce average call duration. Are you amazed by this contradictory fact? Well, this is true.

Fascinatingly, improving the FCR rate brings in several mind-blowing advantages for a call center. Therefore, it is necessary to define a winning strategy to make this journey of achieving excellence in FCR seamless and fault-free.

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We are offering the best contact center software systems to diverse industries and businesses. As a result, we have solid experience in building the best call center technology tools that help them exceed expectations. We have been part of several organizations working on improving FCR and achieving excellence in this quest. Therefore, we have compiled strategies, best practices, and other important insights on this topic that can help you improve the FCR rate effortlessly. Let’s share a detailed guide on this to help you do better in your customer care game.

So, let’s get started with this interesting subject matter that can completely transform your call center and bring endless positive differences.

1. What is an FCR?

FCR is an acronym for First Call Resolution. Traditionally, FCR indicated First Call Resolution. However, the world of call centers has changed. Therefore, the terminologies also reflect an upgraded version of the same. Nowadays, FCR stands for First Contact Resolution.

Now, let’s define the term for you.

Simply put, it indicates the versatility and skills of your agents in resolving client’s concerns within the first connection with the support center. Certainly, the agent resolves the issue or challenge completely without any need for escalating the call, transferring it to any other team member, requesting a callback, or asking for some time to get the issue resolved. Essentially, this is the best thing any call center would like to achieve because this can help in achieving the ultimate customer delight.

In a call center, the value of FCR is counted with the FCR rate, which is a popular success metric. Traditionally, all customers used to contact call centers through phone calls. Therefore, the FCR rate indicated the rate of successful calls that could resolve customer concerns within the first call. Fascinatingly, users now connect with support centers through a variety of communication channels. Therefore, call centers also use omnichannel solutions. As a result, FCR reflects first contact resolution. Simply put, if the customer receives a resolution to his or her query within the first interaction with the support center, it is the first contact resolution.

2. How to Calculate the FCR Rate?

Call Center Software

It is very simple to calculate the FCR rate in a call center. Especially, if you are using the system, whether it is an enterprise or open source contact center software, you can automate its calculation. All solutions provide this metric in the reports section.

The formula to calculate the FCR rate is as below:

Total number of concerns resolved on first call / Total number of concern calls x 100


Total number of concerns resolved on the first calls / Total number of first calls raising concerns x 100

3. Which Campaigns Focus on FCR?

Generally, a call center can calculate, monitor, and improve FCR for any type of campaign because it shows the adaptive nature and versatility of the software, team, and leadership. Undoubtedly, it is most delightful for any call center to have 100% FCR. However, it is not possible to achieve 100% FCR due to several driving factors. Moreover, it is also not a good idea to measure for all cases. You must focus on having realistic expectations.

Ideally, FCR is a great KPI to measure for customer care and customer support calls. Moreover, for simple inquiries you can also focus on KPIs. However, for rigorous or time consuming or thought provoking campaigns, it is not worthy to measure FCR. For example, you cannot emphasize FCR rate for sales campaigns because clients take time to think before they buy. Therefore, the ideal scenario to measure and improve this KPI is customer care and related campaigns.

Recommended Reading, Must Measure KPIs for Your Call Center. This blog post shares a list of major KPIs along with brief information that you must focus on to improve.

4. Why is it Necessary to Focus on FCR?

Call Center Software

Unquestionably, all call centers that focus on improving customer experience or delight must focus on this KPI. Let us share the top reasons that prove the necessity of improving first contact resolution.

4.1 Improve Client Delight

Undoubtedly, all customers prefer having a resolution within the first attempt. This saves them from the ordeal of waiting for the resolution and keeps repeating the concern. Therefore, a high FCR directly reflects in elevating the overall customer experience and satisfaction level.

4.2 Improve Agent Experience

Often, FCR is only associated with client delight. But do you know it can also increase agent delight? FCR is an indication that your agents are armed with the best contact center software, knowledge tools, and skills. Therefore, they could resolve customer concerns within the first attempt. This gives them an adrenal rush and great job satisfaction. Moreover, increasing FCR also reflects a morale boost in agents. Furthermore, it helps them attend more calls, which ultimately increases efficiency, accuracy, and skills. Collectively, you are making the lives of agents better and stress-free.

4.3 Reduce Operational Expenses

Undoubtedly, increased FCR means lower operational expenses. Firstly, you are reducing the total number of repeat calls to save direct involvement of resources in resolving the same concerns. Secondly, you are optimizing these resources to perform more optimally. As a result, you are cutting costs on operations.

4.4 Increase Customer Loyalty

Certainly, clients look for excellence and quick assistance. The high FCR rate reflects the same. Therefore, you will be able to gain customer loyalty, which will reflect in a high retention rate and several other associated advantages.

4.5 Improved business Performance

Lower operational cost, sharpening skills of agents, improving resource utilization, increasing customer retention, and several other benefits are associated with increased FCR. Moreover, all these benefits are also associated with a direct boost in business performance. Certainly, it will increase revenue, plus, ROI (Returns on Investment) for your business.

So, is it important to monitor and improve FCR or not?

5. Steps to Increase FCR Rate

There are simple steps that you can follow to increase the overall first call resolution rate, which is briefly explained hereunder:

Set Expectations

  • Identify campaigns that should measure KPIs
  • Set realistic expectations for achievable FCR rate. Use your past performance, agent skills, industry standards, etc, in mind

Arm Agents

  • Recommended way is to hire experienced and skilled agents.
  • Train them in offerings, interactive skills, personalization, and other aspects.
  • Keep agents aware of expectations. Moreover, it gives them clarity on how they can achieve it.
  • Take agent feedback to perform better. For example, provide them with CRM integration if they need to improve FCR.
  • Provide lucrative rewards and incentives on setting benchmark performance to increase the FCR rate. However, be realistic here as well.
  • Finally, get one of the best call center software systems to help agents perform better and achieve excellence in first call resolution

Monitor and Improve

  • Use your call center software to measure FCR rate in real time.
  • Identify areas of improvement and take rigorous steps for constant improvement.
  • Be persistent and vigilant in the process.

6. Major Challenges in Improving FCR

Certainly, with the right team, tools, and mindset, it is not difficult to achieve excellence in improving FCR for your call center or business. However, you will find several challenges on the way. Some of the major challenges that you must stay prepared for are briefly explained hereunder:


Fundamentally, the world of technology is moving fast. Therefore, you need to match the pace, too. For example, call center transformation is bringing AI technology like speech analytics, emotion analysis, real time script personalization, etc. into place. However, if you are still stuck with the limited features of open source call center software, then you cannot achieve benchmark FCR. You must persistently upgrade technology.


A skilled agent might charge a higher hourly rate. However, you will also see better results. Therefore, if you are focusing on high grade success metrics like FCR, then you must build a team that compliments each other and has the required skills to improve the overall team performance along with FCR.


Interestingly, attitude matters the most in elevating performance in any business. Here, the attitude of all three entities is important, which includes:

  • Business leaders or call center
  • Agents
  • Customers

Simply put, a passionate team of agents, realistic goal setting leaders, and practical customers can actually improve FCR and other KPIs in the contact center software.

7. Tips to Improve FCR Using a Call Center Solution

Call Center Solution Provider

To further help you in the journey of achieving excellence in FCR for transforming the call center business, here are some expert tips.

Customer Mapping

Unquestionably, you must understand your clients and their expectations before setting goals. This will help in mapping clients, their requirements, and their expectations with your capacity to provide FCR.

Identify and Fix Blockers

You must check major blockers that are obstructing your journey to achieve a high FCR. For example, a lack of training in agents or a lack of omnichannel solutions to support across channels might increase the load. You must identify these common blockers and fix them at the root level.

Exploit Self-serving Options

You must provide wide ranging self serving options to reduce load and lower customer expectations from the team, too. Certainly, your call center software will have self-serving features like a chatbot, smart IVR, and more to let clients resolve their concerns autonomously. Additionally, you can provide how-to blog posts, informative guides, user manuals, video tutorials, and other self-serving options. Indeed, it will reflect improved FCR.

Take Customer Feedback

Don’t assume, this is the fundamental rule of a business. Therefore, ask your clients whether they really got the complete and expected resolution or not. If not, what do they expect to achieve FCR? This will become a guiding light to implement a better strategy and best practices to improve this crucial KPI.

Take Agent Feedback

Your agents are the real problem-solver for your clients. Therefore, they have really insightful information. You must use this asset in positive feedback sharing sessions. For example, agents can gauge repetitively occurring issues, which you can resolve from the root or give a common and quick fix to increase FCR.

Upgrade Technology

Finally, technology plays a crucial role in the performance of any business. In the call center industry, technology is leading the space. Therefore, it is inevitable to use the best tools. You must upgrade your call center technology. Moreover, you must integrate tools to make a comprehensive solution that can help agents work productively and optimally. For example, integration of CRM and unified communication tools can help in improving FCR.

Concluding Note

In short, the call center industry is going through revolutionary transformations. There are several driving factors that are influencing the industry. Certainly, these transformations are bringing opportunities and challenges, both. To stay up in your game, clients are very important. Therefore, focusing on FCR is unavoidable. Use the best practices, strategies, and tips shared in this blog post to improve your first call resolution rate.

Certainly, you will need the best call center technology tools to practice shared tips and guides to improve FCR. We can help you with our best in the industry solutions. To book a free demo and trial of contact center software, contact us now!

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