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A Buyer’s Guide to Purchase the Best Inbound Call Center Solution

  • December 26, 2022

Businesses need to stay competitive and for that maintaining a steady stream of revenue and growth is necessary. Happy clients and a steady revenue stream are interconnected and therefore, for many years, businesses have been investing in customer care. Traditionally, businesses used to set up a toll free helpline number to provide customer care. But, things have changed dramatically. A simple helpline number is not sufficient in 2022 and 2023. Now, they need an advanced tool such as an inbound call center solution.

This software for call centers has to do different jobs to keep clients happy and engage them. This software also has the responsibility to benefit businesses with branding benefits. Thus, it becomes necessary to buy the right inbound contact center software. When there are so many options and advanced features available in this software, it becomes difficult to find the right software. Thus, before making an actual purchase, it is good to find and purchase the best call center software for inbound campaigns of customer care.

Here is a complete buyer’s guide to finding and purchasing the right software.

What is an Inbound Contact Center Solution?

If you are a client centric business that provides customer support at different stages of the customer lifecycle, then you must be receiving several calls every day. In some cases, businesses receive many calls per hour. These calls are known as inbound calls. These inbound calls need to be managed in a way that customers can get connected with the right agents that can resolve their queries. Moreover, these calls have to be recorded for screening and monitoring, attended to immediately, and several other steps need to be taken to keep clients engaged and delight them at the end of the call.

An inbound call center software comes with a range of features that simplify and streamline the process of attending, managing, monitoring, and logging inbound calls more efficiently. This software may also have additional features to make customer care more intuitive and engaging process.

What are the Major Features Available in the Inbound Call Center Software?

Features available in the inbound call center software

Similar to all other types of call center solutions, in the case of inbound contact center software as well, features may vary from provider to provider. It may also vary depending on the package you choose. However, there are some common and necessary features that your software must have. Following is the list of these features:

  • Auto attendant and IVR
  • Dashboards
  • Call queues
  • Automatic call distribution features
  • Call scripting
  • CRM integration
  • Soundboard Avatars
  • Call mute and un-mute
  • Call transfer
  • Call forwarding
  • Call recording
  • After-call survey
  • Disposition
  • Live call monitoring
  • Call detail reports and other reports

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This software for call centers may also have advanced features such as omnichannel communication support, PBX integration, etc.

How to Find the Right Inbound Contact Center Solution?

Now as you understand what this solution is, let’s explore the top tips to keep in mind while buying this software.

Look for Features

The first thing to check is the feature list of your customer care software. It must have all features mentioned in this article to manage customer care and other inbound campaigns. It is good to have more features but must have features cannot be skipped at any cost. Give more emphasis on automatic call distribution features as those features will define the success of your customer care campaigns.

Check Scalability Support

Any software solution needs to be highly scalable to meet your business growth bandwidth. It is possible that you may start with as low as 5 agent seats, but with the right business vision, you may grow 10x times in the near future. Your software must support your growth. Thus, it has to be scalable. Usually, cloud call center solutions give more scalability and flexibility, so look for that option as well.

Inspect Supported Integrations

One of the most vital integrations is CRM integration with your call center software. Many providers offer a CRM integrated call center solution. If you are already using a CRM system in your business, then you should be able to integrate it with your inbound call center dialer software. Other than a CRM system, you might need to integrate other business applications and APIs with your software, and the best call center software must support these integrations to provide you with the required system.

Evaluate Automation Features

All call center solutions provide some sort of automation and the inbound system is definitely not an exception. It is vital to check whether your customer care software has all vital automation features or not. These features are mandatory because they boost productivity and performance. They also contribute to reducing overall wait time, and call queues, and increasing first-call resolution. Thus, you need to check the automation features and how effective they are.

Check About Updates and Support

The customer care segment is quite dynamic and keeps on changing. Thus, tools and teams working in this industry need to innovate new systems and methods to constantly find ways to delight clients. Thus, you must check how often the provider releases new software updates.

You will also need technical support from your provider on an ongoing or demand basis. Thus, you must check the ease of getting it along with pricing.


In a nutshell, inbound call center software can be a great tool to manage your customer care campaigns to keep them engaged and delighted. Using one of the cloud call center solutions for customer care or not is your choice, but having the necessary features is an inevitability. You also need to get a CRM integrated call center solution to make your customer support campaigns more effective and personalized. Keep the tips shared in mind while buying this software, so you can get the right call center software for your inbound center. Please feel free to get in touch with us, and we’ll be delighted to provide you with the support and information you need.


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