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iCallify Announced Successful Completion of Webinar: How to launch your Call Center Business?

  • November 3, 2022

The call center industry is one of the most lucrative business segments. It is blossoming with increasing need and demand for customer support, lead generation, technical support, collection, and other business aspects. This is the reason many serial entrepreneurs are looking for ways to launch their own businesses in the call center industry and look for an answer to the question of how to launch a call center business.

We have been offering the best call center software with intelligent features for many years. We have extensive experience working with different call center business owners. We love helping small businesses thrive and aspiring entrepreneurs make the most out of this industry with the right contact center software and support. This is the reason we also offer a lifetime free edition of iCallify intelligent call center software. Moreover, we answer queries of call center solution users and business owners through our call center software and technology forum.

Along with all these forms of support, we keep on adding to the knowledge of people with our experience and expertise in the call center industry. By keeping the most in-demand question and interest of entrepreneurs, we recently conducted a webinar on the topic of “How to launch your Call Center Business?”

We are extremely happy to receive more than 190 participants for this webinar who learned from our expert in a 39+ minute long webinar.

The webinar was conducted and represented by Tanjila Diwan. She took the webinar participants through the process of launching a webinar by considering all little to big aspects to ensure the participants get a detailed view of how to deal with different business aspects to launch a call center business.

The topics covered in this webinar are listed below:

  • Quick start of the webinar with an introduction
  • Tips to launch your call center business
  • Multi tenant and single tenant setups
  • Different types of contact center software set up models and scalability support
  • Failover and load balancing setup to handle the business load
  • Introduction of iCallify, the best call center software empowered with intelligent features
  • Major USPs of iCallify
  • Major  Types of business models to launch with a call center solution
  • Getting started with iCallify for launching your own call center business
  • Major features of the intelligent call center software
  • Live Q&A

If you missed this webinar, fret not! We have kept a recorded version of this webinar live on the official iCallify YouTube Channel.

You can also watch the complete webinar on the topic of How to Launch Your Call Center Business


If you have any more questions on the subject matter of launching a call center business of your own or if you want a lifetime free edition of our intelligent call center software.

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