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Customer Experience 101: How to Improve CSAT Rate?

  • August 29, 2022

9 out of 10 customers prefer to buy from a company or stay with the company that provides the best customer experience. In fact, customers are happy to pay more to the companies that provide the best customer experience and delighting services. This emphasizes how important customer experience is in any business. It also emphasizes the worth of customer care software in any business.

If you are running a business, which understands the worth of improved customer experience, then this article shares 101 for improving CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) rate.

What is the CSAT rate?

csat rate

The CSAT rate defines how well and quality your services are and whether your customers are happy with your services or not.

CSAT rate is the average percentage of customers that are happy, upset, or neutral about the experience received from your customer care team.

How to calculate the CSAT rate?

There are multiple ways to improve the CSAT rate:

  • The best and most reliable way to measure CSAT is running a feedback or survey campaign using the best call center software, in which real customers participate and answer how happy or angry they are with your services. You can use a voice broadcasting solution integrated into the contact center software to run a quick feedback collection campaign to identify the CSAT rate.
  • Another option is measuring the quality of call sand quality of service using the KPIs measured and displayed in reports of a call center solution.
  • A commonly used way of calculating CSAT rate is businesses often send an SMS using an SMS broadcasting solution or run an outbound IVR after a call to collect customer feedback right after the customer care call.

Using any or all of these ways, one can calculate the CSAT rate to identify how a business is performing and how to improve its value. Remember, you cannot achieve a 100% or 99.99% CSAT rate, but your efforts to achieve that rate must be high.

Why bother to improve customer satisfaction?

call center solution

You must know the importance of increasing the client satisfaction rate, but if you are still struggling to understand its worth, here are the top reasons to invest resources in improving the CSAT rate.

  • Retain existing clients to keep a steady revenue flow
  • Onboard new clients and prospective customers with referral business
  • Reduce expenses by reducing efforts put into handling client queries
  • Increase revenue by charging more for premium services
  • Beat competition
  • Increase ROI

How to improve the CSAT rate with customer experience 101?

As now you understand the worth of improving customer experience, here are the must know and follow tips.

1. Get the best customer care software solutions

call center solutions

Usually, a customer care solution reflects an omnichannel contact center solution with digital engagement channel support. It is an important solution required to provide delightful customer support. Along with this software, you will also require call center CRM integration to have a CRM integrated solution. If your business uses any other software to store client information, you must also integrate that with the call center software to have a holistic view of customer interactions with your business and customer history that can help agents deliver the right customer experience.

2. Train agents

Your agents must be trained for using the best call center software and other tools you have onboard to simplify customer care campaigns. Your agents must also know how to handle different types of campaigns and how to handle their temperaments professionally.

Some of the must have traits in your agents while handling customer calls are as below:

  • Always use positive phrases
  • Be an active listener
  • Never interrupt a client
  • Offer gratitude and apology
  • Be transparent
  • Keep calm
3. Implement the right automation features

automation features

All call center solutions provide automation features, but you must use them wisely to maintain a high CSAT rate. For example, ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) rules must route a caller to the right agent. One can also set self serving features for users, but it is necessary to not force these features on customers. Many clients prefer self serving features. Thus, activating the right automation feature is necessary and it can help enhance client satisfaction.

4. Use call center software features sparingly

A modern omnichannel call center solution can offer an overwhelming number of features and each of these features will have some amazing advantages to offer in particular cases. Thus, it is necessary to understand the right utilities of each feature to use them in the right place to increase customer satisfaction rate.

5. Work on negative feedback positively

It is necessary to keep a positive attitude towards negative feedback, which is common in any business. Remember, you cannot meet 100% expectations of everyone. But, you can always be professional.

6. Provide compensation when it is your fault

It is always good to compensate when something is delayed from your end or if it is faulty. Along with the replacement of the product, you can also give some discount on the next purchase. This will help you increase sales and at the same time, pacify your client.

7. Monitor and improve


It is necessary to constantly monitor the performance of your team, optimal use of your software, and change the value of your CSAT rate in the customer care solution graphs. Use live monitoring tools or historic reports available in the call center solutions to monitor different KPIs and based on the collected results, redefine customer care strategy to improve customer experience.


Happy customers not only buy more from you, but they will also help you build a brand that people love. This can help you get more business and revenue. You can easily beat the competition and maximize resource utilization. One of the best ways to calculate the effectiveness of customer service campaigns is by measuring the CSAT rate. Focusing on and enhancing the value of the CSAT rate will also help elevate the ROI charts.

All this makes it necessary to use the best customer care software solutions and strategies to improve client satisfaction rates to keep boosting the ROI of a business.

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