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All Major Questions Answered Related to Lifetime Free Call Center Software

  • March 1, 2023

Lifetime free is a new term, but taking over the call center industry due to revolutionary omnichannel solution providers that have been offering one of the best cloud based call center solutions with a lifetime free license for the latest software. One of the call center solutions that have a lifetime free edition to offer is iCallify, which is an intelligent call center software solution. This software is loaded with amazing features and advanced add-ons such as a call center billing solution. It supports omnichannel communication, multi tenancy, and other amazing features, which makes it one of the most alluring solutions. This is a lifetime free call center software solution available to any interested user or business. 

Getting something for free is often interesting, but there are always some concerns when we get something really good like the best contact center software for free, and that also for a lifetime, right? 

To resolve major and commonly faced concerns, we have collected and answered all major questions related to a lifetime free call center solution. 

Before we answer all major questions, please take note that different omnichannel solution providers may have different answers depending on their own policies. The answers given here are depending on the industry standard and the best practices followed by our company in the interest of our clients and users of iCallify.

1. Does a lifetime free contact center solution provide access to all features?

Yes, it offers access to all features. To save interest and revenue generation models, some features might not be available or available with some restrictions, so the users of the lifetime free edition upgrade to use a complete intelligent call center software solution.

2. Do I get a license for the software?

The best providers offer a unique license even to each user of the lifetime free contact center solution because they are also treated as unique customers. Thus, the users of the lifetime free edition get access to a licensed solution with all security and offered features. This makes sure the interest of users is also served. Even in the future, when you want to upgrade the use from free to paid to access added benefits, the same license will continue to serve you and you will receive the upgraded version of one of the best call center solutions.

3. When does the license expire?

As the name suggests, it is a lifetime free call center software solution, ideally, the license does not ever expire. You can continue using the system forever without any restrictions or hiccups. Even when you change the plan or subscription, you will have the same license. 

Only in case of major changes in the company policies or stake of the company, the license would not get expired. Even in that case, businesses get enough time to make a switch to an upgraded version or get any other contact center software. You can also save your business from this kind of situation by exploring more about the software and provider well in advance. If a company is trustworthy and has been in the business with a good reputation and positive reviews and ratings, the case of getting sold or changing the software would be quite negligible.

4. Will I be charged for anything?

No, you will not because it is a lifetime free call center solution. When it says it is a lifetime free system, it will be free until and unless you upgrade the software or add some ala carte add-ons to your software. For example, if your license does not include the use of a call center billing solution and you still want to use it, then you will need to pay for the billing module and call center billing integration. If you use the same offering of the software as mentioned in the lifetime free version, then you will not be charged for anything.

5. Who owns data stored by my company while using the software?

All data, records, and information stored in the software while using this free contact center software will be owned by your company. Even the software will be hosted on your own server or cloud. Thus, access to one of the best cloud based call center solutions and all data stored in this software will be yours. 

Concluding notes 

These are the top questions and concerns faced by a majority of businesses or people interested in using a lifetime free call center solution. We hope this blog post has answered your questions and concerns. If you still have any questions, feel free to send your questions via our contact form. If you are interested in claiming the lifetime free call center software, iCallify, we would be glad to serve you. To send your questions or to send your interest to use a lifetime free edition of iCallify, get in touch with us. 

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