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Leveraging Social Media Management with Call Center Software

  • December 29, 2023

Billions of consumers actively use social networking platforms. These platforms help them stay connected with their family and friends. Moreover, these platforms share updates, news, entertainment, and several other types of campaigns. In addition to that, these platforms are very effective in letting consumers learn about new brands, products, and more. As a result, several people use social networking platforms to get suggestions to make different decisions. For example, they can find the best restaurant in a new city they are traveling to. Moreover, they can review the reactions of people to different business brands, products, and more. All this and several other trending use cases of social networking platforms, increase demand for social media and a WhatsApp integration call center solution.

Definitely, there are several benefits of using social media with a call center solution. However, there are businesses with speculations to use this powerful tool. To help them make a move, we have crafted this expert guide on leveraging social media management with the call center software.

Let’s dig deeper to understand this digitized way of managing customer interactions over social media through a contact center solution.

1.  Understanding Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

Social media platforms are massively popular. Therefore, it is inevitable for businesses to use social networking sites to interact with their clients and prospective customers. In general, social media integration is a process of integrating the APIs of these platforms into a business tool. On successful completion of the integration process, the business tool will provide the required features of that platform within that business tool. A majority of business tools support social media integration. For example, IP PBX, CRM solutions, call center software, etc. support social media integration.

Certainly, businesses use a call center solution to manage customer interactions. Therefore, the integration of social networking platforms with this software is highly popular. There are several social media platforms that can be integrated with this customer management solution. However, Facebook and Twitter are two popular social networking sites. Therefore, these are commonly integrated with the software for call centers.

The integrated solution also provides value added features like templates, auto replies, scripts, and more. As a result, agents can manage customer care, sales, lead nurturing, and similar campaigns.

Transform Social Media Management with Modern Call Center Software

Facebook Integration

The software provider company integrates Facebook APIs into a contact center solution. This integration provides access to major communication features of Facebook within the software. For example, agents can check the feed of a business page. Moreover, they can read and respond to comments and direct messages (DMs). Furthermore, they can initiate discussions with customers via DMs.

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Twitter Integration

This integration process integrates Twitter with the call center software. Similar to Facebook integration, Twitter integration also provides access to Twitter features within the software. For example, agents can access comments, like DMs received on Twitter profiles. Moreover, they can also tweet on business profiles.

2.  Understanding WhatsApp Integration

WhatsApp is not a social networking platform. However, it is definitely a popular digital platform used for communication. Therefore, the WhatsApp integration call center solution is equally popular. As a result, several software providers include WhatsApp integration with social media integration.

This integrated solution allows agents to access features of WhatsApp web within the solution. For example, they can use two-way chat with emoticons. Moreover, they can exchange files, images, videos, audio, and more. Therefore, agents are able to enrich communication and provide support over WhatsApp.

3.  Understanding Social Media Management with Call Center Software

Social media is part of routine life for consumers. Whether your business is active on social media or not, your consumers will be. They will comment on your products. Moreover, they will mention your business on their feed to share their recent experience. In addition to that, they are more likely to share negative experiences with their connections on social media.

On the other hand, people also prefer WhatsApp conversations rather than calling customer care. WhatsApp doesn’t put people in queues. Moreover, people can continue what they are doing while waiting for customer care agents to respond. Therefore, the integration of WhatsApp is equally important.

Integration of social media and WhatsApp with call center software ensures that agents can access all features of these platforms within the solution. Moreover, they can interact with customers and other followers directly from the solution. Furthermore, they will get access to other advanced communication features that can increase engagement. In addition to all this, there are several powerful features available with this software. As a result, social media management becomes quite seamless for businesses with this integration.

4.  Major Benefits of Social Media Management with a Call Center System

Social media Integration

There are several advantages of social media integration with software for call centers. Let’s explore seven major benefits of social media integration.

1 . Respond to Customer Concerns Immediately

  • Customers constantly use social networking platforms. Therefore, they use these platforms to share their anger about negative experiences. Even if your brand has lived up to its values, it is possible that your clients have misunderstood the offerings. As a result, they have experienced something other than expectations. Certainly, this makes it necessary to respond to clients on social networking platforms immediately.
  • If you are not using an omnichannel contact center solution or similar software with social media channel integration, then it makes things pretty difficult. For example, your agents will not receive notifications in the software for contact centers. This can delay responses on social media platforms. Moreover, it might also result in missed comments and DMs to which your customer care teams have not responded.
  • Unlike that, when social media integration is performed with the software, your team will receive instant notifications. As a result, they can immediately answer these clients to take them to WhatsApp or DMs. Therefore, it will work outstandingly for damage control.

2 . Excellent Reputation Management

  • Even if customers don’t share positive experiences, they will not take a second thought in sharing negative experiences on social networking sites. Moreover, in a fit of anger, customers are likely to exaggerate things.
  • In this case, if customers have not received a response to their concerns, they are likely to share more negative comments and posts. Moreover, unaddressed negative customers may create a pessimistic image of your business. Therefore, people may get the impression that you don’t care for your customers.
  • As a result, your business faces repercussions that any careless brand would face. For example, you may lose customer interest in your business. Therefore, you might not get more new clients. Moreover, you may lose customer trust. As a result, you may lose more existing clients. In short, your business keeps going towards the fall.
  • Social media integration with your customer care software can help in managing all types of comments. Therefore, you can build an image of a positive brand that cares for customers. Moreover, you can ensure that your team pacifies angry clients with a positive code of conduct. All these efforts can help in building a positive reputation for your business. So, you can enjoy customer loyalty and positive brand image benefits.

3 . Increase Customer Engagement

  • Consumers use social networking sites for humor, to ask questions, and for multiple other reasons. In short, social media platforms are not just to share negative experiences for other reasons as well. Moreover, you can also use these platforms for marketing and sales campaigns. There are multiple other ways to engage clients. For example, you can run polls, surveys, games, and much more. All these efforts can help in augmenting your digital image on social networking sites.
  • If your software for call center software already has integrated social media sites, then your team can simply manage all engagement campaigns through the same platform. Moreover, your team can be quicker in responding to comments and encouraging people to engage with your digital brand on social media platforms.

4 . Recognize and Digitally Reward Happy Clients

  • Social networking platforms are great tools to build an empathetic and professional business brand. You can ask customers to share their positive experiences. Moreover, you can respond to positive comments and posts. Furthermore, you can run marketing campaigns in which clients post stories about your business.
  • On the other hand, you can reward these clients by encouraging them to continue sharing their positive experiences. Moreover, these efforts will encourage other consumers to share their positive experiences on social media platforms. All this will help in building a force of brand advocates.

5 . Be Mobile in Customer Management

  • Mobility is a necessity in this digital era. Therefore, all businesses focus on adopting tools that are remotely accessible. All customer care software solutions are also accessible remotely. Moreover, social media platforms are also accessible remotely. However, if you use both of these platforms separately, then there are several challenges to deal with.
  • For example, you need to give access to your social media business suite to all agents. Moreover, that will make the whole process of customer care inefficient and sluggish. Therefore, it is necessary to have an integrated solution. As a result, your team will have access to call center features and social networking communication tools within a single platform. They can access all these features remotely. Therefore, they can deliver more reliable customer care services from remote locations.

6 . Ensure High Productivity

  • Social networking platforms are pretty distracting. They are likely to distract your agents if you are asking them to use social media sites separately. Moreover, the process will become pretty messy and scattered. Furthermore, you cannot enforce productivity protocols for the team. In addition to that, it becomes difficult to coach agents to be more polite and professional without a proper system in place.
  • On the contrary, if you invest in social media integration, then you can reap several benefits. Moreover, you can streamline the whole social media management campaign.
  • For example, you are not given access to social networking platforms. But you are giving access to only business profiles and pages. As a result, you can ensure that your team is not distracted by other content flooding on social networking sites. Moreover, you will have added features within the solution to increase productivity.
  • For example, your agents can lock messaging once any one of them responds to a DM. In addition to that, your team can use templates on mouse clicks for all repetitive messages. All these and several other features ensure that your team works productively.
  • Additionally, you will get logs and reports of all social media interactions. Therefore, your managers can work on training sessions. Of course, there is training required to use social media platforms. However, training to be polite and professional to engage clients on these platforms is necessary. Your managers can do the same with reports.

7 . Save Money

  • Social media integration or WhatsApp integration with the solution of your call center indeed helps in saving money. There are several features which speed up social media management campaigns. Furthermore, in multiple other ways, resources are saved. All this helps in saving money on infrastructure.
  • In addition to that, agents are more productive while using this platform. Therefore, money over manpower is also saved. In short, in multiple ways, resources and funds are saved.

Concluding Note :-

In conclusion, social media is an inevitable part of consumers’ lives. Therefore, businesses have to leverage these platforms for customer care, sales, relationship nurturing, and more. Social media integration helps businesses to manage social media campaigns within the software. Therefore, using an omnichannel contact center solution or social media integrated software is helpful to businesses in augmenting social media campaigns.

We provide social media and WhatsApp integration call center solution along with omnichannel solutions. We can help you with our social media integration services and an omnichannel platform for social media management. Contact us to learn how we can help you with our services.

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