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Major Beneficiaries of a Multi Tenant Call Center Software

  • March 29, 2023

Over the years, internationalization in businesses has become a trend. In fact, more than a trend, it has become a necessity for any business to go beyond borders to increase its target audience and increase sales and revenue. The emergence of importance for a multi tenant call center software solution comes from this need of the market. 

Contact center solutions benefit all industry verticals and this software is in use in all countries across industries. It can also be used in any sized business or call center. However, a multi tenant call center solution is not a fit for all platforms, which is why it is necessary to explore the top beneficiaries of this software. 

A multi tenant contact center solution at a brief 

In simple words, a call center solution that supports multi tenancy is multi tenant software. 

If we break down the technical terms, the software that can work as a super admin and creates tenant accounts. Each tenant account will have a different level of permission and role based access to the features of this contact center software. 

Optimize Operations with our Multi-Tenant Call Center Software

The super admin can function as a controller and assign or revoke access to different features of this software. Each tenant can work independently and use assigned features of the software. 

As the idea of a multi-tenant solution explains, this system does not benefit small scaled businesses or call centers because they would not have branch offices or tenants to provide role based access to the software. Moreover, businesses that are not willing to open multiple branches or run any business with the call center software will not need a multi tenant system. 

Even if we remove the list of small and medium scale businesses, there are several other businesses that can benefit from using a multi tenant contact center solution. Let’s explore the top beneficiaries of this software. 

Major beneficiaries of multi tenant call center software 

SaaS based call center service provider

Leading SaaS Based Call Center Service Provider

Traditionally, contact center solutions were used to provide call center services to companies that are interested in outsourcing their customer care campaign to BPOs, KPOs, and similar call centers. However, now the time has changed and a majority of businesses prefer to set up an in-house call center to offer reliable customer services without compromising on the quality of services. This type of business often perceives a software solution as a commodity and therefore, they prefer to use the SaaS model. Businesses that use a multi tenant call center solution can provide SaaS based call center services and generate revenue. This business would also require a call center billing solution. 


Any bank would have more than branches to provide reliable customer services to banking clients. Even if this is a digital era and mobile banking and net banking are making remote banking possible. Still, for several tasks, customers have to visit a bank branch or they prefer to visit the branch. For example, KYC in Indian banks still requires customers to visit their bank. Positive pay may need a client to visit the bank branch. There are several similar jobs that require physical visits to the bank. This is the reason there are several branches of a bank available. Unifying customer relationship campaigns across these bank branches require a call center solution with multi tenant support. 

Insurance agencies

Insurance companies also need to run sales, marketing, and customer care campaigns across different branches. It may need to set up a local call center or customer care center for each city or state when offering different insurance and investment products to clients. Insurance agents need to keep track of different conversations about diverse portfolios with clients. The head office often keeps track of these solutions to enhance operational efficiency, review sales performance, and launch new investment products in the insurance domain. Thus, insurance companies can be one of the major beneficiaries of contact center software with multi tenant support. 

Free Call Center Software

E-commerce businesses

E-commerce businesses and online shopping portals have been using the best contact center solutions. They have to set up pre-sales and post-sales support systems to thrive in the highly competitive industry. The call center software with multi tenant support really helps these eCommerce business owners in streamlining processes, syncing data, fetching better insight over key performance indicators, focusing on improving productivity, assuring a high first contact resolution rate, and achieving various other advantages.   

Multispecialty healthcare facilities

Multi Tenant Contact Center Solution Provider for Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is booming due to various diseases and viruses. Moreover, unhealthy lifestyle of people leads to increased visits to healthcare facilities. This requires multispecialty hospitals, pharmacy companies, and other healthcare facilities to manage a reliable telecommunication system that can track missed calls, schedule callbacks, send a voice message to masses, respond to patients round the clock, indulge in social listening, and respond over those channels, etc. A multi tenant contact center solution provides a perfect platform to manage all the above mentioned and many more jobs to deliver excellent patient experience. It also helps in streamlining data across each healthcare facility while giving the main command to the main setup. 

Concluding notes 

In a nutshell, a solution for customer care with multi tenant support is useful to several industries and in each industry. There are multiple beneficiaries of this platform other than what is mentioned in this blog. Moreover, this software also provides revenue generation opportunities while integrated with a call center billing solution with emerging models like PaaS (Platform as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service), UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service), and more. 

We have been offering different contact center solutions to our clients to meet their business objectives. We also have a multi tenant, multilingual platform with various other modules that make this platform more powerful. Additionally, we provide a lifetime free edition to the software users that can take advantage of this platform for free and test it for its accuracy. 

If you are interested in knowing more about our multi tenant call center software, its features, benefits, etc., and want to book a lifetime free edition of this platform, contact us. 

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