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Advantages of an Inbuilt Call Center Billing System over Its Counterpart

  • December 11, 2022

Call centers have been progressing in leaps and bounds. Unlike earlier when call centers used to use only a call center solution to offer customer care services, now there are so many options available for businesses to generate revenue. Using a multi tenant contact center software solution to run a business is one of the major steps in this direction. When a call center runs a business to generate revenue, using a call center billing system becomes vital. Other than revenue generation, a call center may also have some other agendas to fulfill, which need a billing system along with the call center software.

A call center can avail of the call center billing solution in two ways.

1. Call center billing integration

If a call center solution doesn’t have an inbuilt billing system, then the call center software provider integrates the billing system into the software for call centers. This enables call centers to use all features of the selected VoIP billing system built for call centers.

2. Inbuilt call center billing solution

This option provides a comprehensive billing solution developed and integrated as one of the modules within the call center software. It means there is no requirement of finding and integrating any other billing system.

Call Center Billing Solution – A Complete Guide

What are the major advantages of an inbuilt call center billing system over call center billing integration?

There are several advantages of using a contact center solution that has an inbuilt billing system. Let’s explore the top 3 of them.

1. Excellent flexibility and compatibility

As the same call center software provider would have developed the billing and call center dialer software, both will have outstanding compatibility. There won’t be any bugs or issues related to integration, smooth operations, etc. The billing process will be completely seamless to provide the best advantage of automated billing for your business. Moreover, as you grow, along with the contact center solution, the billing system will also grow as it is part of it.

2. Simplified management

If you use two different solutions and integrate them, you get the benefit of using both systems within a single window. However, you need to manage two different software solutions. This often increases resource utilization and in some cases, it causes some management related challenges. Unlike that, when you use an inbuilt call center billing solution, you will not need to worry about management and related cost or hassle. You are using and managing just one system.

iCallify – Call Center Billing Solution

3. Easy upgrades

If your billing and call center dialer software is provided by two different providers, you may get upgrades of both systems at different intervals. This may cause an upgrade or compatibility related bugs or challenges. Using an inbuilt call center billing solution ensures that the provider will manage compatibility related challenges. You are just managing a single system even while upgrading.


In a nutshell, the advantages of having an inbuilt call center billing system are always higher. It gives more flexibility and less hassle for the users of this software. To enjoy these and multiple more advantages, you must identify the right software for call centers with an integrated billing system.

If you are interested in exploring more about a multi tenant contact center solution available with an inbuilt call center billing system.

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